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  1. bradh, the aim of those inputs from the web is to offer a kind of different perspectives to our members. every method should be tweaked to fit our own style. BTW, today is a day for running but unfortunately it’s raining. I decided to give this method a try, low stakes obv. I played two shoes, winning both, stopping at +3 for a total of 6 units. not bad for a boring afternoon! lol
  2. Good strategy coupled with an interesting MM. it allows you to increase your profits capitalizing your winnings.
  3. this should be watched after #5, as it is an evolution of the method explained. Still thinking it’s worth it!
  4. Interesting technique. Not new as #5 but it has some merit. I like his playing mirror/no mirror style. Dislike the MM. IMO better to rely on 2iar rather than 3.
  5. the aim of these videos is to get open minded discussions on arguments I selected all over the web and that’s i find interesting. so any comment is welcome. this bs seems to perform quite well and surely it’s worth goimg deeply, to catch nuances and develop some tweaks. A
  6. Agree with you. This bs seems to have a nice hr as it works within the edges of 87% solution. Obviously a streaky shoe is a mess, but you can take countermeasures.
  7. In this video you’ll find a totally brand new bet selection. It’s tricky at first but when you get it, it’s quite easy to catch the side to bet. It’s interesting also because it has a good hitting rate. I’m thinking to our brave Plus2 players. I dislike instead the MM because even if it has some merits spreading the drawdown to 4 players, when one single column hits poorly you can get into troubles. You could find yourself with a positive hitting rate but losing money, due to the losses in this column. So I’ll focus on bet selection that offers many interesting points to analyze deeply. A
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRGqpE428h0&t=28s Another good one. It’s a simplified version of MvD. IMO is a good backbone for any system creation. A
  9. Variance (apart ourselves) is our worst enemy. Ppl that can’t handle V will lose every bankroll. We must lose to something. Put this in your head. You must work on your game, practice a lot, refining it, more and more... but you’ll lose to something, NO WAY! So why put all this effort into a game where I’ll end to lose? Never say that. You need to learn how manage V. How? The first way is to cut off your losses, analyze your scorecard trying to find reasons for a no bet. Usually ppl bet too much decisions. 10 to 20 are more than enough to get profits. Don’t use progs. If you cannot win flat betting, you cannot win, period. Another way is to build solid stats. Try to play your A game, track and build your stats. After any session compare your current and past results. Those stats are the bricks of your confidence in your play and will dictate you how and when make some adjustments. When you play your A game you must be focused on placing the best bet at this time, no more. Results are consequent to your choices and your skills; if you play it well and lose, IF YOUR DECISION PROCESS IS CORRECT, you no need to be worried, it’s just the aleatory part of the game. Stick to your plan and go on. Good results will come. A
  10. Nice method for Naturals lovers! ehiiii Canababacc, still there?
  11. For those interested in stats, these videos are very enlightening. Absolutely useful to understand the math of the game and events behavior. As usual, those datas are useless unless you put them into the general picture, but they could be very useful in your decisions making process. A
  12. it’s interesting to notice how the flow switches from 2liners B to 2liners P around mid shoe. if you get these switches promptly you can get some easy units. A
  13. Interesting video from andrei i love the concept that the strong side produces more multiples and the weak side produces more singles or 2s. i think it should be the base for any successful approach. IMO the approach above could be tweaked in this way: a) starting a reset point when the strong side flow switches from a side to another b) instead taking the row majority between P and B, as we’re interested on that side behavior, IMO it’s far more accurate a singles/multiples count for each side. it gives you a better picture of the flow. a mere PB count could be misleading, especially in case of long runs that effect the count, and successive singles or short multiples, thing that will lean you betting in a weak situation. comments are welcome A
  14. ...when and where I started my gambling career! ...and still alive and kicking!
  15. I admit that your writing is a bit smokey to me, anyway, what's the question? In my opinion the stop loss and win must be fixed looking at solod previous stats and proportionally to your avg results. I mean, a stop loss must be set near your point of no return, always checking your previous stats, to avoid making your losses bigger and bigger. Your stop win must be set to avoid giving back your (hard) wins. stats dictates your values. when you set them, stick to them, no exceptions! A
  16. y, the forum that "cannot be named" anyway, for the last time, I don't want discuss the value of this strategy but the fact that someone promotes his site with the name of Norm; thing that I find unacceptable! A
  17. hey, Kim Kardashian was with me last night!
  18. we can discuss about this approach, but not in name of Norm, PLEASE!
  19. Its not a question about going toward zero or away from zero, is about speaking about something you don't know, about a person that I estimated a lot and that I have been proud to collaborate with. I don't want people using the name of Normand for promoting something that have no links with his work, just to promote a kind of "strategy being the result of 20 years of research" or similar bull...t. A
  20. From the old forum that cannot be named: "Norm was at $25 for a long time. He worked on his hit rate as I’ll describe below. But once he achieved a great hit rate, he started increasing his unit rather than the number of units he bet. He went from $25 to $5000 units in less than 2 years. So how did Norm achieve such a high hit rate? Well, we know that Norm kept both the OR and OT counts. This told him what the, shoe thus far, was favouring between S40 (opposites), OtB4L and TB4L. But it also told him when the shoe was not favouring anything (when those two counts were hovering “0”) – when the shoe was favouring random. We don’t talk about that much about random shoes. But when a counts keeps crossing “0”, it is a good bet to bet that count will go toward “0” rather than away from “0”. For instance, lets say the OT count keeps crossing 0. But right now the OT count is at +4. Since historically in the shoe we are playing right now, TB4L and OTB4L have been running equal (the OT count keeps returning to or crossing “0”) Your best bet right now is to bet TB4L – That the +4 OT count will go no higher. I think NORM “saw” that while the rest of us don’t. We are all busy watching for a count to take off in one direction or the other. Norm watched for that too. But Norm ALSO noted when a count refused to take off – when a count favoured “0”, he bet that count would go TOWARD “0” rather than further away because that is the nature of the shoe at hand. Playing NOR, we tend to lose shoes that produce no bias because we only think in terms of away from “0” – that the highest count will go higher. Norm saw that too but he also noted when to bet AGAINST that premise. When, in a given shoe, we have a count that is staying in jail – can’t get out of the -3 to +3 range, our best bet is to bet that count will stay in jail – to bet the highest count well go TOWARD “0” rather than AWAY from “0”. We are good at betting AWAY from 0. But many shoes, especially pre-shuffled cards which Norm favoured, our best bet is TOWARD “0” when the shoe at hand is favouring toward 0 – favouring neutral – favouring a “0” count. That way Norm could beat the randomness that preshuffled cards favour. It is difficult to explain which I think is why Norm couldn’t explain how he played. NOR always bets that the highest counts will keep going away from “0”. But Norm “saw” when the opposite was true in a given shoe – to bet the highest count well reverse and go toward “0” BECAUSE that is what it has historically done in the shoe at hand. Any count can only do two things: 1. It can favour AWAY from 0. 2. It can favour TOWARD “0”. NOR always bets AWAY from “0” But Norm knew when to bet TOWARD “0” when THAT is what the shoe is favouring. He just couldn’t explain it. Ha, apparently neither can I. But end result, playing that way, Norm won more bets than we do. When a shoe is favouring AWAY from “0”, fine, bet that way. (NOR) BUT, when a shoe is favouring toward “0”, fine, bet THAT way (NORM) THAT is why Norm won more often than we do. He didn’t just bet away from “0” like we do. He also knew when to bet TOWARD “0” when THAT is what the shoe at hand is favouring – which it does about half the time. I don’t think Norm’s loop 1,2 progression had a thing to do with it. I think he won just as many 1 bets as 2 bets. I think his entire success was because his hit rate was better than ours. He “SAW” when to bet toward “0”. We only see when to bet AWAY from “0”. BUT, when a shoe favours TOWARD “0” – Norm won while we lost. THAT was his secret. THAT was the lesson he left us. It just took me a while to decipher it. While difficult to explain, Norm’s entire secret is fully revealed in this post. While for some, it’s just a bunch of meaningless words, for others it will turn on a very important light bulb for the first time. TOWARD “0” is just as important as away from “0”. We only look at shoes ONE way – away from “0”. Norm saw TWO ways. Sure, he bet the same as we do in the half of all shoes that favour a high count. But he ALSO saw when the shoe at hand was favouring “0” – favouring low counts. THAT is when he knew to bet against the highest count – to bet TOWARD “0” rather than away. THAT is how he won the same shoes that we lost. THAT is the message he left us. Some will get it – some won’t. NORM saw TWO choices where we only see ONE. We need to look at BOTH our options because only ONE of them is best for the shoe at hand. Is the shoe at hand favouring AWAY from “0” or is it favouring TOWARD “0”. Every shoe is one or the other and those two counts are telling us which way the shoe at hand is favouring. We need to open our eyes and realize we have a SECOND option. Bet toward “0” when the counts are going nowhere. THAT is how NORM got his hit rate so much higher than us. Get it? WE are good at HALF the shoes. NORM was good at ALL the shoes. He showed us the way!" I AM REALLY SICK ABOUT THIS PEOPLE SPEAKING ABOUT NORM WITH NO IDEA OF WHAT HE WAS DOING! I WAS IN CLOSE CONTACT WITH HIM AND I KNOW WHAT HE WAS DOING, ...But these people has no idea . I invite them to RESPECT THE MEMORY of our brightest star! F...k them off. A
  21. Kevin, I hate BJ (I mean blackjack, lol) but I thought someone was interested. I read is played in LV at Ballys and El Cortez in downtown. A
  22. Keith, found this for you, maybe interesting... Double Attack Blackjack Double Attack Blackjack is a blend between Spanish 21 and Classic Blackjack. While the standard game of blackjack, or Classic Blackjack as it’s sometimes known, is generally pretty easy to understand and play, there are many variations on the game that introduce several twists on the standard rules, and one of those variations is Double Attack Blackjack. The game itself is a variation of Spanish 21 that pays even money on a blackjack and gives the player the chance to double their initial wager after seeing the dealer’s up card, something that happens before their own cards are dealt. Double Attack Blackjack is mainly found in Atlantic City, where almost half of the casinos offer it as a game choice. Double Attack Rules and How to Play As mentioned, this variation of Blackjack comes with its own set of rules that differ to the standard game. These are as follows: Eight 48-card Spanish decks are used, this consisting of a standard deck of cards minus the 10s. Dealer stands on soft 17 Dealer shall peek for blackjack Player may double after a split Aces may not be re-split, while all other pairs may be re-split to three or four hands, depending upon the casino in question. Winning player blackjack pays out even money Player may double or surrender at any time, including after splitting. Split Aces receive a single card only Insurance pays 5 to 2 The first card dealt in Double Attack Blackjack is the dealer’s up card. As previously mentioned, the player can then choose to double their bet, or ‘Double Attack’. The raise may be up to the original wager placed. If the player later splits, he must match his double attack wager. Bust It Side Bet Players also have the option of placing a bust it side bet as well. The bust it wager pays out if the dealer goes bust with three cards. The side bet pays out different amounts depending upon the cards the dealer has. If the dealer has suited 888, the payout is usually 200 to 1. Colored 888 pays out 50 to 1. If the dealer busts with 6, 7, 8 or 9, the payout is 15 to 1, 10 to 1, 8 to 1 and 6 to 1, respectively. Finally, if the dealer goes bust with a face card, the payout is 3 to 1. Double Attack Blackjack Online from Playtech While Double Attack Blackjack may be played in land-based casinos more-so, Playtech has created an online version for you to play from the comfort of your home. The game does provide the same feeling and layout as a land-based game. You’re asked to place bets at the start, with chips of values 0.1 through to 100 available to choose from. The minimum wager is $1 and the maximum is $300 per round. Then, following the rules mentioned above, you’ll be able to place double attacks, bust it side bets and insurance wagers with ease. In Summary This version of blackjack could be classed as a slightly more advanced take on the classic. There's obviously the addition of extra rules and features that don't necessarily need to be memorized, but are there to introduce a new way of playing the game for your enjoyment.
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