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  1. ...when and where I started my gambling career! ...and still alive and kicking!
  2. I admit that your writing is a bit smokey to me, anyway, what's the question? In my opinion the stop loss and win must be fixed looking at solod previous stats and proportionally to your avg results. I mean, a stop loss must be set near your point of no return, always checking your previous stats, to avoid making your losses bigger and bigger. Your stop win must be set to avoid giving back your (hard) wins. stats dictates your values. when you set them, stick to them, no exceptions! A
  3. y, the forum that "cannot be named" anyway, for the last time, I don't want discuss the value of this strategy but the fact that someone promotes his site with the name of Norm; thing that I find unacceptable! A
  4. hey, Kim Kardashian was with me last night!
  5. we can discuss about this approach, but not in name of Norm, PLEASE!
  6. Its not a question about going toward zero or away from zero, is about speaking about something you don't know, about a person that I estimated a lot and that I have been proud to collaborate with. I don't want people using the name of Normand for promoting something that have no links with his work, just to promote a kind of "strategy being the result of 20 years of research" or similar bull...t. A
  7. From the old forum that cannot be named: "Norm was at $25 for a long time. He worked on his hit rate as I’ll describe below. But once he achieved a great hit rate, he started increasing his unit rather than the number of units he bet. He went from $25 to $5000 units in less than 2 years. So how did Norm achieve such a high hit rate? Well, we know that Norm kept both the OR and OT counts. This told him what the, shoe thus far, was favouring between S40 (opposites), OtB4L and TB4L. But it also told him when the shoe was not favouring anything (when those two counts were hovering “0”) –
  8. Kevin, I hate BJ (I mean blackjack, lol) but I thought someone was interested. I read is played in LV at Ballys and El Cortez in downtown. A
  9. Keith, found this for you, maybe interesting... Double Attack Blackjack Double Attack Blackjack is a blend between Spanish 21 and Classic Blackjack. While the standard game of blackjack, or Classic Blackjack as it’s sometimes known, is generally pretty easy to understand and play, there are many variations on the game that introduce several twists on the standard rules, and one of those variations is Double Attack Blackjack. The game itself is a variation of Spanish 21 that pays even mo
  10. Hi Phelps, welcome to our forum. I read with interest your post, especially the last part where you mention stop win and loss. I think they are pretty reasonable BUT require a disciplined player, on the long term. Remember that your stop loss must be in relation with your avg. winning. IE, if you win 3 units 8 times out of 10, thats pretty doable, your stop loss shouldn't be more than 4 units, this because you need a return from your efforts (so +24 -8 = +16 units). So +3/2 units with a stop loss of 3/4 is a good starting point. if you analyze your wins and loss
  11. Oz, you forgot to mention that, in an avg. shoe, within 20 decisions you "should" find a serie of 4. what about -12 units when the prog sucks? My opinion is that we should not give more importance to some decisions towards others (IE betting 3 units instead of 1). The skilled player GET THE MOMENT to raise bets, during a hitting pattern and then, retranch! this is why we play! (hope that NBA does not calls me money from copyright infringement) A
  12. Hi Stan, welcome back! is it ok now in PR? 2nlr means Second Liner A
  13. Agree, I started play in 1986 and went many times to MonteCarlo, Nice and Cannes. Beautiful old times and good winnings! Everytime paid for my trip with casino's momey. The funniest thing, for my americans friend, is that you had to pay a ticket to enter casino, at these times something like 10 usd! A
  14. I must say that I start finding all this story very sad. IMO, Ellis is still brilliant baccarat mind, the problem is that debating is not an option and this, in a field like baccarat, is a mere disaster because you cannot sell a product 100% reliable, it will ALWAYS lose to something, and customers NEED to know why and when. A honest debate can help to increase strengths and decrease weaknesses, after that, everybody can take their own options. Another problem is to not be able to think "outside the box", proposing the same old U1D2 in its variations, is a gift to casinos; no ot
  15. Great Avion, I'd add also: "casinos managers know our moves and changed cards..." ...everytime! lol
  16. what you'd if you buy a car that doesn't work? and the company refuses to repair it or giving your money back? I will go to my advocate and I will post this everywhere, to warn people! BTC is doing the same... what ECD should do? take care of customers, accept a debate, improve and seriously test systems, speak about weaknesses and strengths of the method, work with players to get better results, in poor words, what was BTC when he was there... instead, looking for people that wants the golden nugget, he sells a product that's years-light far from what he pro
  17. It's MM only, long blog full of b...it if you need attention, be more exhaustive about your method A
  18. I read many posts of AR but I found them always with a good wording but poor in contents. I have learn nothing from his thousand words, apart generic MM that you can find in any book/forum. but maybe it's me... A
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