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Bac tournement + sys.40 in depth

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Hi Guys

I am posting this in the private forum because I think it is

too much free info for the public forum.

Here is my betting strategy that I used in the BF tournament.

The SAP count near the end of the first column was 5-4-12-0.

At this point I started betting that 2's (LC) would go to 3 (ie betting

repeat after every 2) and that 3's (MC) would NOT go to 4 (betting

opposite after every 3). For the next 50 hands I was 5-1 betting

2's would go to 3 and 5-3 betting 3's would not go to 4. That

is a swing of +6 (bets, not units). As Ellis says, read the shoe.


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...one more thing about it:

notice that I deployed the OT count instead of OR.

I find it very useful, it helps me in OTR options or, like it has been here,

jumping on OTBL bets.

From play around 30 to 70 it stayed negative but from 70 it became positive;

at this point I thought that it was a 2s recovering so I switched to OTBL after a confirmed 2s

till the end.




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