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This is great! Thanks for posting these shoes. I would like to discuss this one with you and/or Ellis.

Since you started in play 2 with S40 I presume that the history had indicated chop. Next when you suddenly switch from a 1 bet to a 3 bet and go to the 3 4 5 loop I presume it was because you were in a nice ZZ pattern when you bet the first 3 in play 5. I don't understand the score jumping from +3 to +9 when you win the 3 bet though. Was that perhaps a mistake?

Down in the last play in column 1 I don't understand going from a 4 bet to a 6 bet.

Then in the 7th play of the 2nd column you suddenly went from a 4 win down to a 2 bet instead of continuing with the 3 4 5 loop. Then it seems to be a 2 4 progression for a few plays and then all at once there is a 3 bet thrown in. I'm not arguing the merits of what was done, I'm just trying to understand it. It may have just been what felt right at the time but I was wondering if a little explanation would benefit all of us that are trying to learn. All in all, great job and great result and Thanks so much for sharing it!

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Ha, it was too early in the day for Margaritas so that wasn't it, even though Keith's card sorta looks that way. We opened this table at Hollywood and sat and watched the new card shuffle (normal boxed card order cards). It was a VERY thorough wash (two decks at a time) and shuffle. We KNEW this would produce very choppy cards. So we knew it was an S40 shoe. But we got discomboberated. I started at play 3 with a 3 bet. This put Keith behind so he went by my score at play 5. At play 20 I think he was just trying to catch his chips up to mine. He said something about needing more torque. I was already at 30 at play 25 and said I quit. Keith says don't quit just reduce the prog. So we went to what was supposed to be a 234 but Keith was betting 246. He has this thing about torque but then settled down to a 234. It was a good thing too because our last 3 bets would have really hurt at 246. That is the whole idea of a 234. See, it really didn't help much to attempt going past +30. We ate up most of those extra 2 units in extra commission. That was our very first shoe. After that nonsense we played every shoe exactly the same. I like to keep it exactly the same with a partner so you can check each other's bets. Mistakes are easy to make.

This gives you some idea of the huge advantage of knowing what kind of shoe is coming. But that was the ONLY shoe where we had that advantage. We had to really cool it after that.

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