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The 3UC system from the ECD Bac manual (0 1 2 3) copyright 1994

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[ATTACH]2138[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2136[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2135[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2134[/ATTACH]Time out to go resize the rest of the attachments and maybe I can find this thread as my first attempt failed...not sure why so just double down.

During the upload of these files I think I can see now that I could have arranged from top to bottom a more logical sequence but you will see it is no problem to get the jist of this once you read it over a couple of times. The hi-lighters are my work and at the time I wrote in questioning a couple of plays that I did not understand at first but eventually got it. When I sent this over to Ellis a few days ago he said in the NOR post go ahead and start a thread and post this puppy up. I actually based off this system for a bit less than a year and had slight variations to suit various casinos, but as I explained to Ellis my mode of operation at the time was to buy in for the 8 chips of whatever I was playing and if I lost 3 chips to being in plus mode when the shoe started minus I would then make a decision to risk another three units on the alternate mode. If I failed on either one or two attempts in a shoe I was down either 3 to 6 units and change with commission and then I would go into recovery and use everything I knew at that point to recover my loss in that shoe. This is the only truly up as you win...up as you win system designed for choppy or streaky or mixed shoes that I ever saw. It is a very interesting approach to up as you win betting on about a conservative a scale as I can imagine. Back then I typically looked for an average shoe with no wild swings in the count. These were pretty plentiful back then but as I had a casino near by that liked to deal super repeat streak I later moved on to stalking that place with other stronger exploit systems that are covered in this manual. But I always keep this in reserve just in case I come across a casino that is dealing ordinary everyday type shoes and give it a 3 unit shot. If you get past the 12/123 progression you cannot lose with all the safeguards Ellis has in this thing. There are all kinds of movable stop losses here.

It is like every other exploit in that you have to know when to use it and especially when not to use it. It took me a while to get the hang of this as it sort of fills a gap in the exploit arena. It sort of fills the gap between shoes with super + or - counts. I made a few tweaks that were probably aimed at certain casinos but I can not find my notes on them or they may very well be on micro-cassette that I would ramble on when driving to Reno or Vegas. But back then I had it running on all cylinders in Tahoe. Reno, and Vegas.

It is fun to play if you can find a place that is dealing mostly ordinary shoes but I find that rare these days. Maybe Ellis can add his thoughts. I believe at this time or leading up to when the original manual was written Ellis was doing live exhibitions but I think he was using the much more aggressive System 3 that used ladder betting similar to 3UC but used both up as you win and a up as you lose make-up progressions to regain your position if one of the series of up as you win progressions lost. I never played that myself. Maybe Ellis can comment on that here. Well time to call it a night. Hope you can make everything out with my liberal use of hi-lighter. But this is nothing !, you should see my NBJ manual. It looks like Van Gogh on acid illustrated it, lol.

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