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Next stop, the Post Office Most Wanted list

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Reading through one of the NOR threads I noticed PJ mention his Baccarat Bandits discussion group.

So I "googled" the words BACCARAT BANDITS and found an entertaining link to a YouTube video where a masked man discloses absolutely nothing about a system he wants to sell for $895 ( but he is offering a $300 rebate in the spirit of the holidays, and all)

Having read through many of PJ's posts and a lot of valuable additions to this forum, I am sure that Mr. Baccarat Bandit ( stage name "Forexjoe" ), and PapaJoe are indeed not one-in-the-same person......

Compare the Bandit's video with Ellis' Vegas NOR video, and you will know that Ellis is the real deal!

As was once uttered frequently in a TV shoe of long ago, " Who was that masked man?"

I don't know...Go ask Tonto...

And next time you are at the post office...

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