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I have just finished another session online with NOR, another good winning $7,000 with starting BR of $1,000. Unit size varies: $25, $50, $75. So no doubt on NOR and it is a truly winning Bac system. Anyway, this is not what am going to share in this thread. You can read my experience in thread "NOR Strike Online" in the NOR forum.

This session, I did something different, after watching the Vegas video on youtube when Ellis talked about Player Advantage in the 6 shoes in the previous workshop. I should SALUTE Master Ellis in getting the 26% PA. Why ? Coz when I tried to achieve that, it is not easy, and only average half on that between 10-12%. That's the difference with 30 years experiences and 3 years experience (me) :reface:

When am striving for 26% PA instead of focusing on +10, +20 Goal, this is some of the finding I think will be beneficial for all :

1. Always keep you in lower bet and rarely go out of the -8u range.

2. Bet less and get more, in other word, the return is better with lower risk.

3. You know how well you really stick with NOR and improve your skill by looking at the 26% Goal.

I am not sure if you can monitor this easily through a score card, as I am using an excel sheet since I am playing online, and it is pretty easy for me to key in the unit bet, winning bet, and the PA% is automatic calculated. This is another way to improve my game with less risk, as you can monitor your risk every hand.

I have two goals for each shoe now, +10u and PA26%, whichever come first depend on the shoe quality. Roughly I know in order to get there here is the simple formula in mind:

Winning Unit / Total Unit Bet = % PA

5 / 19 = 26%

8 / 30 = 26%

10 / 38 = 26%

15 / 57 = 26%

20 / 76 = 26%

As you can see here, if you can reach your winning unit goal with less bet, that means your can master NOR inside out, you match the correct system and use the right progression.

Maybe Ellis should share his experience more on this.

Cheers ! :cool:

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NOR & SAP student

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