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First time using NOR!!!!

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Hello all,

Im new to this forum, i have known about this place for a couple of weeks now.. When I first came across this site I tired to gather as much info about NOR as I could without buying the system :-P Big mistake!! I went to the casino with my limited knowledge and was up +6 units but eventually lost it all and more.. That was a few weeks ago.. So I decided to get access to the entire system and I have literally been reading and learning day and night... So today I finally went to the casino to see how much I have learned, and I was blown away at how wonderful this system works.. I posted my shoes.. I got greedy too late and ended up losing most of what I won.. I should have won back the cost of membership, but I didn't follow the rules and exercise cash management so my final winnings were not as much as they should've been.. I advise anybody who is on the fence about this system to jump over so you can start making money with Bac ASAP... Im so glad I found this site, I am going back to the casino bright and early tomorrow morning to win some more!!! Oh yea, I live in Detroit.. We have three casinos here, these shoes are from Motor City Casino.. I dont really like our MGM here, its kinda lame, it just feels like everyone is losing there so i stay out of there... Thanks again Ellis for your years of research and making my learning curve so short!!! :-)

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