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It has been a few days at spore. When first time i entered rws, wow so yellow, bright. To enter must show passport. Genting no need. But here they serve softdrinks, candy. Nice.

I have met some btc asia. 5 so far. We played together sometimes. Although we dont use the same system, i respect them. Doesnt matter as long can win. It is so fun playing together, laugh together. Sometimes if noone bet, i put 25 on banker and 25 on player. But when banker wins on 6. I was like, oh sh***t. Damn.

Now, iam teaching 1 person. First day only plus 50 sgd coz we played only 4 shoes. The 2nd day, i taught about rally thing. We play flat betting using 50. Won 10 units. So won 500 sgd. I said, lets attack using house money. Increase to 75, won 10 units. So won 1250 sgd total. After dat, we went outside. I taught about proper mm. Lock the 1k. Play with 250. 25 units per hand. Lose go home, win let it ride. Fortunately we lose the 250. Doesnt matter. The incredible thing, we use flat betting. Never put 2 units. Who says play flat cant win thousands?

This is the 3rd day for me and my student. Wish me luck.

To all bros here, win win win

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