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Card shuffling machine or shuffling the cards manually

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I have a question for all of you.

I have seen that some casinos use Card Shuffling Machine at Baccarat tables.

About NOR... Does it work well at the tables using the card shuffling machine or where the dealer shuffles the cards manually?

or it doesnt matter the way of shuffling.


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Hi Danicito. It doesn't matter. The machines are designed to duplicate hand shuffles.

What we ARE concerned about is preshuffled cards where the cards are preshuffled at some remote location. Here we are trusting the casino to not throw designer shoes at us. We don't even know if all the cards are there. Best to avoid such games. Anytime you are put in the position of trusting a casino you are on very thin ice and about to be suckered..

However, sometimes a super sharp player can put himself in the mind of the casino designer and devastate a designer shoe. I love it when that happens.

An example of a designer shoe might be a 10 in a row ZZ followed by 12 Banks followed by 14 terribles 2s: BB PP BB PP. The casino wants us to believe that happened randomly. For those who fall for this kind of cheating, well, I've got this bridge in Brooklyn that.......

In my opinion, any casino that can't prove that all the cards are there should be called for cheating. Best when the cards come to the table in 8 sealed box decks direct from the manufacturer and each deck is checked right in front of you.

Even then, shit happens: I recall a very high stakes big Bac game at the Sands, A.C. There was about $40,000 on the table when the dealer dealt a competely blank fifth card that somehow survived the inspection. Of course the players wanted to call it a wild card. We were all bet on a possible 9th Bank. The casino finally settled it by completely redealing the hand much to the initial dismay of the players. But Bank won decidedly, much to the dismay of the casino - followed by 4 more Banks!

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