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Question about tournaments in Vegas

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I have a curiosity.

There are some Casino around here that make what they call baccarat tournaments.

it works like this... when you win a hand the casino gives you points (these points depend of the amount of the bet).

Every week, they get a total of your points and the first 9 places go to a tournament where they share a pool of $10k.

Are there this kind of tournament in Vegas if so can you share some Casino websites for more details.


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Most of the tournaments in Vegas are by invitation only. Venitian usually plays quite a bit. How it works is it's based of of time and the highest person at each table moves on. It keeps down sizing until final table pretty much. At the end of the time limit, everyone gets to write down his or her bet on a piece of paper your bet and how much. The highest chip count moves on. I haven't seen of any type of pre tournaments like what you are talking about but it's been years since I looked into one. Hope this helps.

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