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Two questions. Is the forum for those of us who have purchased the seminar, or for the hard copy purchasers only? Also, is the manual now available to seminar attendees, or will we receive it in Vegas? Thanx!

Both. Seminar goers can requst an early hard copy but we will also be distributing them at the seminar.

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Ya! I want a copy. :(:) :) :) how do I get a copy

Sign up for the seminar. That gets you a copy at the seminar price of $799 whether you go to the seminar or not. But immediately after the seminar The Team Play mauual price goes to $1499 - no exceptions. Also the Team Play private support forum will only be available to manual holders.

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Hi folks

The team play manuals are being printed in Vegas and it is just way too much for me to send them all out before hand. I think every person who signed up ask for one so bear with me and you'll get them at the seminar If you signed up for the seminar, but not attending I will mail them out to you within 3 days after the seminar

The manual isn't available for digital download as I want to try to curtail it being posted somewhere or screen shot captured. I wasn't real excited to send digital copies to have it proofed but I did appreciate the efforts of everyone very much.

I am working in the team play forum and will enter everyone who is a seminar attendee ASAP before the seminar. Everyone who signed up for the seminar will get the first month free or if you subsequently buy the manual

The NOR seminar in LA got great reviews please take a moment to read them I knew we needed someone with professional teaching credentials to help us and Steve did a great job. If you signed up for the Team Play seminar you can attended the NOR seminar and receive $100 discount after you register. I will refund $100 via paypal. If you are not a NOR member, you can apply the payment to upgrade to full membership. Steve has provided members with some great supplemental exercises and information so sign up if you are coming to our BJ seminar

Ok I wrote this on my iPhone so excuse errors until I get to a computer

Edited by Keith Smith

Join us in Vegas for the Back to Vegas Seminar

at the Crescent Dealer's School

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I live in South America and I won't attend to the seminar.

will you mail me the manual?

Yes Danicito, assumming you signed up for the seminar even though you won't be going. We will mail them as soon as we have made the copies but we can't do that until we are in Vegas. Addendees for the TEAM Play seminar alone have surpassed the 50 mark plus we are also doing a NOR seminar in Vegas. So we are very busy with the logistics plus the chore of getting my crippled self there. But I think we have everything under reasonable control.

The Team Play private forum is actually already up but now Keith has to do the permissions one at a time.

We are trying to avoid the fiasco we had with the NOR manual where two crooked sights had it up for distribution as soon as I finished it. I'm getting a little tired of doing all the systems design work for the entire industry.

Unfortunately, these yokels don't understand the meaning of the word "copyright". If we didn't have copyright laws, there would be no books. These yokels are going to test our patience once too often. "Copyright" means you don't have the "right" to make a "copy" of any kind, whether in part or in total, W/O written permission from the author. There are no exceptions. Financial settlements to victims for copyright infringement are huge. A word to the wise - Don't pass this manual around to ANYBODY.

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Thanks Ellis, I appreciate all your effort to respond all my questions.

I really feel sad for not going to the seminar, I wish be there but distance is a pain.

you know it would be awesome if you can set up a webcam so we can see your seminar online or by skype, would be great.

best wishes

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OK, good news! Everyone signed up for the seminar, whether they are actually going or not, now has access to the private "Team Play Blackjack" forum. So now we can freely discuss all Team Play topics in that forum. Your first month is free but there is a very small monthly charge after that.

AND, you will all have access to download the new Team Play manual sometime today. I'm sure Keith will post the download details on the private Team Play forum. Only BTC members will get an early manual. Anyone reading this is a BTC member. There will be others who won't get their manual until the seminar. So study up. This will make you look brilliant at the seminar.

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I have signed up for the seminar through Leonard Benson, but I am not able to log on to the private forum. Could you please add my access to it? Also, will I get a valid link to download the manual?



Uday again, welcome! I'll see what can be done Uday. Seems to me you are pretty much one of us now. At the seminar, please introduce yourself to me.

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