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Is there any Trip Report from the latest Team Play BJ. Seminar?

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Danicito, being a weekend which produces horrible crowded conditions especially in Vegas we hired dealers and played mostly right there at the dealer school where we held the seminar. Some of the teams played a little after that. One team lost a little and the rest won. The only team that had an NBJ player in the BP position won a lot.

Keith and I weren't on a team since we were still teaching when the teams were made up. I found new cards in the high limit room so I played high stakes BJ head to head 2 deck and killed them both nights. I was playing the NBJ 3rd base system.

A problem we have teaching any form of BJ at seminars is they pretty much have to be on weekends right when I teach you should not be playing BJ. Bac makes little difference when you play. But BJ definitely does.

It would be good if we could do the high stakes BJ seminar on a weekday night but I don't know if that will be possible.

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When playing BJ full time for 3 years in AC (and some in Vegas) I very quickly learned to avoid Fri nights, Saturday all day, Sunday all day and Monday on long weekends. Those times are good for Baccarat only. That is why I learned Baccarat. But once I learned to confine my BJ play to Tues through Thurs, I won twice as much playing half as often.

What happens in crowded conditions is the cards get clumped to the point they are impossible to play. The games become unbelievably dealer favorable while you get mostly class C hands. Those are hands you lose no matter how you play them.

But come Tues morning, you magically get all class A and B hands. Class A are hands you automatically win no matter how you play them. Class B hands are hands you win if you play them right. But regardless of your skill level, you simply can't win when you are getting mostly class C hands.

In Baccarat the cards fall exactly the same way regardless of the number of players in the game. But in BJ, 5 player games are usually bad. 6 and 7 player games are impossible. Then when you get some show off idiot playing multiple hands in a 4 or 5 player game (common on Sat night) he is literally handing the game to the dealer.

In BJ, the fewer the no. of players in the game the better, all the way down to head to head. Head to head BJ against random cards is the best game in the entire casino. The next best is head to head against clumped cards.

Team play reverses this whole mess and takes advantage of crowded casinos. That is the whole purpose of teaching it. Team Play is really for working people who can only play on weekends and holidays. But even including Team Play, the best game in the whole casino is Third Base NBJ, head to head against random cards. But you are not going to see random cards on weekends except when the cards are brand new.

I don't make the rules. I just play what is. THAT is the real world. Casinos make most of their money on Fri and Sat nights and have been doing so for 30 years.

Card counting instructors won't tell you this because it would hurt their sales. It hurts mine too but I've learned that in BJ instruction, honesty is the best policy. My job is to tell you the best times to play. Being there during those times is your job.

High limit rooms are a whole different story because they usually don't open until later in the day and they usually don't get as much play. The key word there is "usually".

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As I keep saying: Head to head NBJ Third Base against random (new) cards is the single best way to make money in a casino. I think 2 deck is best. That is what I was playing both nights at Flamingo. I only played about 10 minutes the first night and made $900. The 2nd night I played less than a half hour and made $2100. The cards both nights were brand new 2 deck. I was playing about 9PM both nights. But the cards were new. This I knew for a fact. How I knew remains to be told.

The second best way to make money in a casino is head to head NBJ First Base against clumped cards. That is what I was playing at both Taj 1 and 2. I was playing at 4 PM on Sat both times. I made exactly $10,000 both times in less than a half hour W/O betting over $200. It was an 8 deck high stakes table. I played the same table both times. It was probably a world BJ record.

NOR Baccarat is the best way to make money in a casino on Fri, Sat, Sun, and usually Mon. Why Monday? Aside from long weekends Monday is what I call spill over day. The casino is too crowded for good BJ because of spill over people trying to win back the money they lost Fri Sat and Sun. People en masse simply don't know that you can't win at BJ in a crowded casino period. Except perhaps the high limit room. With Baccarat, it doesn't matter how crowded the casino gets.

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To win at BJ you must know the lay of the land in a casino.

When is a casino MOST vulnerable?

When is a casino least vulnerable?

What causes vulnerability?

What causes invulnerability?

How to you know when the cards are clumped?

How do you know how clumped the cards are?

What causes clumping?

What is ideal clumping?

How do you beat ideal clumping?

What is over clumped?

What is boxed card clumping?

What causes random cards?

How do you know the cards are random?

How do you beat random cards?

When is Baccarat better than BJ?

All of this crucial knowledge is in your BJ manuals.

You will find it nowhere else.

Other BJ instructors do not teach any of these things because they do not know any of these things.

That is why none of them actually play BJ.

They learned not to the hard way.

If you do not know ALL of the above answers you need to study your manuals more and you need to ask more questions.

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Thanks Ellis, very interesting all you are saying about clumping, this makes my eyes more open.

I see that it is very important to analize the clumping for BJ.

but is it not so important for Baccarat isn't it?

Correct! In BJ card counters are, in reality, counting clumping. They just won't admit to that because they are on record saying clumping doesn't exist. It's like a Weather Man saying rain doesn't exist. But it is not the count that is important. What is important is what is running right now when you are about to make your play decision. What is the actual CURRENT information. You must make your decision right now. It must be based on what is happening right now. NOT on the very generalized count information. The count is totally useless for play decision making. That is why they always make the Basic Strategy decision. But clumping kills Basic Strategy. And BS is very often the LAST thing you should do. That is why counters lose to the tune of 100%.

But because BS worked to the tune of 1% way back in the days of single deck BJ with no cut off card and because it sold so many books, book writers have tried and tried to make counting work in Baccarat. Many books have been written. They all ended up proving ONE thing conclusively - that the count, and therefore clumping, have absolutely no bearing on which side is going to win the current hand.

So OK, lets say you have a high tens count in Bac. Fine but you have no clue as to which side is going to get those tens and the darn things count zero anyway. Counting in Baccarat is like playing tennis with a 5 iron. WRONG GAME. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to scam you. No question whatsoever.

What works in BJ is going by what is running and that is the ONLY thing that works.

What works in Bac is biases and that is the only thing that works.

And I am the only instructor who teaches either one! And therefore the only instructor with winning students in either game - in BOTH games.

You'd think that after 30 years, the card counting gurus would catch on. But they are simply too obstinate! It is no wonder they can't point to a single winning student. And it is no wonder that counters have yet to perform a single winning public demonstration while I have done hundreds in both games. Think about it. Anyone who can't do this or refuses to try is a flat out scammer.

That is why the counter's professed motto is: It doesn't matter whether you win or lose as long as you make the "correct play". Hey, anyone dumb enough to fall for that one deserves to lose. And lose they will. They are an accident looking for a place to happen. They spent hard earned money to learn how to lose.

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