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Free Worshop was a hit.. Serious about winning? attend the NOR Workshop. Oct 13

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I want to thank those of you who attended the free Intro to NOR workshop I did on Thursday night. I covered the basics of NOR and then we did some online play to demonstrate. It was an interactive experience so all of us played. We discussed each step and each decision, and I made sure everyone understood the reasons for each play decision I made.

We had an extremely challenging shoe. I indicated early that this was probably a game I would have left after the 9th hand. We had not hit the stop loss, but the indicators were not constant.

But for the sake of learning, I decided to continue. We ended up stopping at zero. - no win but no loss - after being slightly down. The good news was that the attendees saw for themselves how NOR works under the worst circumstances. That because I knew NOR so well and was able to spot what was happening, we were able to come back to a safe point on a shoe that would have destroyed anyone else at the table. Everyone agreed. Had they seen a shoe like that live, they would not have known what to do. And let me stress, I indicated along the way that this was not a shoe I would advise playing for real. But I wanted to show what NOR can do under the most challenging of circumstances.

This Saturday, I will be going over NOR in detail. We will look at all the aspects of NOR, examine and practice the application of the concepts, and then use ether a live dealer or live online play to demonstrate. You will be given materials that will guide you through the steps and give you practice steps you can take to ensure your game is up to speed.

NOR members also receive a very detailed supplemental guide with each part of NOR broken down into it's simplest form. And practice activities that you can refer to anytime. This is a 35 plus page document with guided practice. These are the things I do on an almost daily basis to keep my game up to speed. I will also provide 30 minutes of SKYPE tutoring for any NOR member attending or person who signs up for NOR during the seminar.

Later this fall, I want to schedule a trip to one of the California Casino's to play. Anyone near by, let me know if you are interested. It would be good to go and play live together. Or at least for some to watch the live application of NOR.

See you in the winners circle


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ahhhh --- I will have to get the score card from someone who attended. I was operating the computer and presenting -- So I read the shoe as it was presented while the others wrote down the progressions. I can tell you this, by the 9th hand, I knew it was a tough shoe. But, I let everyone know that. I also gave everyone a play by play explanation of why I made the decisions I made. We were up some 4 - 5 units at one point. I stated that I would have left then.

My goal was to demonstrate how to use NOR when you get in situations like that. The truth is, my main message was that there is no shame in leaving a game.

I will try to find the shoe. But tell me, are there any specific questions you have or situations I can help you with?


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Your first goal is to win. But when you start out losing, your second goal is to break even. Sometimes the second goal is more important. Even if you only did that every time, you'd be doing better than most everyone else in the casino. How many times have you made the long trip home wishing you had broke even?

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