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Money Management ... A look Back...and Ahead

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Came across a very interesting book about Gambling and Money Management strategies which I think many on this forum would enjoy.

The book is entitled Monte Carlo Anecdotes And Systems of Play , written back in 1910 .

Anyone interested can "google search" it and read it online...I found it quite entertaining, and still very relevant over 100 years after its being published.

Virtually any MM strategy/system/method you have ever read about here or elsewhere...( or tried yourself !!) has its roots in one of the books subject matter.

While much of the book is centered around Roulette, there are numerous applications to our 50/50 game of Baccarat, and I think you will benefit from taking a few minutes to check it out.

Best of all, as each "system" is explored, the author of the book points out not only WHAT the system is, but also WHY it sometimes works, and HOW it's nemesis/risk-reward factor comes into play. If nothing else, it just might save your bankroll from a costly mistake...

Long live NOR...Still THE BEST ....

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