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back in the saddle..harrahs

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hello all,

I don't ever post but thought I would try to add some support to NOR newbies. I have been to several seminars including PA, where I made money right along with Clifton :) That first seminar was like strapping an ACME rocket to your butt and going for a ride...lol. Things have come a long way. Anyhow, I have been playing NOR when i can, and I have no complaints in my travels. Here is recent card from harrahs in joliet...only 1 bacc table.


Now I started in F3 at play 6, which allowed me to catch the 3 and 5 run, I got caught in the 3-1-3 later on and switched to S40 at play 47 when the OR went+6. Im not saying I played it exactly right... S40 throughout may have been better. Maybe I should have stopped at +10 in F.....but it just goes to show you how forgiving and adaptable NOR can be... I still made my goal after switching, that's why its an approach. You dont have to be a perfect player...I don't know that the term of " perfect play" should even exist in NOR.

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Good play Rich and well disciplined. Correct, there can be more than one way to skin a cat. The important thing is to avoid a wrong way. Sometimes all 3 NOR systems will work, sometimes only 2 and sometimes only one. But rarely none.

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