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Questions for the NOR manual.

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Dear Mr. Clifton,as a brand new member, i have a few questions needed to be clarified.

1- When we first start to play the shoe after few hand, what happened if you lose the very first bet, the manual taught that we shouldn't play the second bet if we lost the first, so, how soon should we resume and at that time should we repeat the money progression all over again at one unit or we should go on and bet with the next level (2 units)?

2-How do i learn to use the SAP, would you please teach me on that?

3-On our score card, should I rely more on the OR count more or the SAP more?

4-Should we play every hand or what? I remembered that the first initial play you said if we lose we should stop, but after that will we still follow that rule ?

5- Each column on our score card is 20 plays, if we need to change system or mode, should we wait until at least to that milestone point?

6- I have trouble with relying on the OR count because it kind of conflict with the SAP, what should I do about that?

I am planning to go to the casino next weekend, and i hope I would be able to have these questions answered ASAP so I can re-practice to get some good hang about the NOR approach. By the way, how are you doing Mr.Clifton? I finally made a decision to be one of your students despite the fact that my husband didn't support it. I hope one day in the near future I will prove him wrong. So please help me and bear with my slow learning ability. Thank you and wish you well always to guide us.

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