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I am having a question 1

Nbj play shows the different types of game in which we start our progression. But is it not true that when we lose 3x in a row we leave the table! that is what I do. I am asking this cause games in which we lose 3x in a row are way to vulnerable therefore we should immediately abondon them. agree with my statement remark?!

I come in play 1-1-2 and when not lose 3x in a row I go 1-2-3


Question 2

when I am playing alone what is the best to play first base while thrid base. 3 boxes? and how should I bet the first base like a progression?

question 3

8 are heigh cards ,but when an 8 comes after a low card should i count it as a low card? same with the sevens?

I think I have asked Q3 before but anyway.

thanks a lot and how are you doing lately?

and we keep barking! :biggrin:

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