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Hi, im trying to learn otb4l nor+ because my casino rarely has strong s40 or f shoes but are extremely biased to otb4l. I get the basic opposites followed by repeats betting but I'm confused with the modes because you have to keep track of straight runs as well as zz's. I understand you have can also go to mode 1, can anyone explain with an example of how to do this from past shoes or play by play it would be really helpful for a newbie like me thx

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trell, forget M1 for now. You aren't ready for that yet.

In fact forget U1D2 for now. Stick with 123 4 for now.

Get NOR OTB4L down pat first.

Correct, with OTB4L, you are playing 2 games at once.

But the 3rd bet rule works to tell you the right mode for BOTH games.

So your first priority is to get the 3rd bet rule down pat.

Practice it until you can play it correctly automatically and W/O thought.

Then we will go from there. But you've got to learn to walk before you learn to run.

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