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Need Help On My Studies

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Hey guys, im a new NOR member as of a few days ago. I finished up my manual and am currently practicing shoes to help my play become reflexive. I have been using some downloadable casinos and playing with fun money as i said i am currently only trying to get the hang of things. I'm gonna try to attach a few shoe results and hopefully a few veteran players will take a look and let me know how im doing so far as well as give a few helpful hints for my game.

To make them easier to understand i will transcribe below please tell me if you would have played differently than i did.

first shoe:




Second shoe:




Third Shoe:




BTW, on the third shoe i wanted to quit on play 32 but decided to keep going for the sake of practice.

Also any players that are in the Tunica, MS area that are looking to go and hit the tables drop me a pm.

scorecard silver oak casino practice1.xls

scorecard silver oak casino practice2.xls

scorecard silver oak casino practice3.xls

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added transcription
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Hello, Godsend-

Couple of things...

1) Online casino Silver Oak does not get good reviews...may be should be called Slippery Devil? ( translated...means be very wary of viewing your online casino results as typical of those encountered in real casino conditions...unless, of course, you play from home with the air conditioning cranked up, the kids blaring their rock music, your windows are all boarded up, and your wife religiously practices her best CocktailWaitress fantasy with you while playing)

2) For three shoes, an awfully high % of 1's and 2's in relation to total # of events. Just an observation...

Always difficult for me to comment on someone's play when I see the whole shoe before me, but a quick glance, it looked like a nice job on shoe 1 and 2, and wondering why shoe 3 did not have better results for you...BUT...THIS IS NOT UNCOMMON IN A REAL CASINO, so just take my comment as something to factor into your overall gaming strategy/ plan/ approach

( oh, and I forgot to mention to get one of your neighbors to stand around while you play and pretend he is the PitBoss, and make sure the Girlnextdoor walks past every 3-4 minutes dressed in a little black dress...)

Good luck to you, and I think we have a lot of Tunica area players! ( including Ellis)

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