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L'Auberge casino Lake Charles, LA?

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Any one have any information or scouting report on the baccarat tables at L'Auberge casino in Lake Charles, LA? I've been several times, and I know they have quite a few tables, I've just never played baccarat at this casino. I'm possibly going to make a run over there this weekend and play. I was just curious if anyone had any scoop. Thanks.

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Okay, I didn't get any upfront info, but off I went anyway last night. Well, how did I do?

I played five shoes and they went like this: Table #1, -9. Table #2, +10,+22,+12,+5. That's a total of +40 units. I was betting green so that is a $1000 profit.

NOR purchase was paid for in my first trip.

I know my first shoe is over the -8 stop loss, call it beginners stupidity, excitement, whatever. In hindsight, I was using the wrong system and the signals to change were obvious, I just didn't do it and it cost me in that first shoe. I'd like to think I did a better job at the next table.

I'll try to post up the shoes later and maybe give a trip report.

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