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If I had not beenthere myself to see this...

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Up in Milwaukee/Chicago over the weekend, and since Rivers Casino sooooooooooooo crowded, decided to play Potowatamee, where I have played many times before when I lived up that way...

Walked in about noon Saturday, two tables going, and here is what I saw on one of the tables:

RED cards



Time for OTBL for me!

Here is the whole shoe...





Only one Tie the whole shoe, came at play 56

So, I figured to take a look at the Blue cards, here we go:





Strong Side Player, thru and thru

Then, pressing my luck figured to give the RED cards another look for shoe3...really surprised as was S40 almost from the outset:



Right here, at end of column 2 I was up 21 units just that shoe alone, and over 90 units for the day ,so thinking all's well that ends well, cashed in and hopped in my car and drove to Chicago...thought of staying for more, but it was just too good to be true...I am one to enjoy a stop win as much as a stop loss....

NOR, all the way Jose!

Looked at my cards later that evening,, and noted with the few 4-5-6 events total compared to normal distribution, , way less than normal + heavy, heavy 1's and 2's events, could have even done way, way better. but I always find if I stay too long, the tables usually turn, so I was happy with a really great profit for 3-1/2 hours of play....easy to look at cards in hindsight and say a diff. approach, diff. more aggressive betting progression could have really made my day, but ....

2 hardest things to do in a casino:

(a) quit when you are way ahead

(B) quit when you are losing

For me, both about equally difficult...

Good luck to all!

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