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Beyond NOR!

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You probably realize by now that NOR covers about 90-95% of all shoe types with one or another of its 3 systems in one or another of its 3 modes. So 5-10% of possible shoes are left uncovered by NOR. Right now that is what produces your lost shoes. And all NOR says about them is to use your stop loss to keep your losing scores as low as possible. Fine BUT.....

Recognize that when we designed NOR we wanted to limit it to 3 systems to keep it as simple as possible. So the first question was which 3 systems would cover the largest % of shoes. I am very confident now that we got that right.

But there is still that nagging 5 or 10%! And on some days that losing % may be even higher especially when playing against preshuffled cards. And, of course, we have those days where we can do nothing wrong.

I told you at the outset of NOR+ that I wanted to get you playing as well as I play, if not better. And I think we came close to accomplishing that. But I still have one advantage over most of you: I have a better idea of what to do when faced with shoes NOR simply doesn't cover. I'd like to discuss those shoe types with those who are striving to get their win rate as high as humanly possible.

Lets take a look at some of those shoe types: (in no particular order)

Let's take the shoe start trillion recently posted. P21153341

High Repeats: (Recognize that high Opposites is already covered by S40.) This shoe has every run length right from the start of the shoe so no Mode can get a bite of it. F merely holds its own because it has no Strong Side. So what feature stands out in this shoe? High Repeats or we could say a high negative OR count.

How do we take advantage of this standout feature? We bet what the shoe is doing most. We bet Repeats.

But how do we bet only Repeats and take best advantage?

Well whenever a shoe is strongly favoring something like Repeats or Opposites or Bank or Player yet NOR doesn't conform, we are probably better off betting up as you win rather than up as you lose. And we would be better off to cap our bets at 3 because the bad feature of betting up as you win is you always lose your highest bet.

What would be an example of this?


That is 15 Repeats vs 4 Opposites in the first col alone. 11 Ps vs 9 Bs. I've certainly seen more than 15 Os or Rs in the first col and so have you. Rare yes but remember, that's what we are looking at here - rare situations.

Sure F holds its own BUT betting Repeats up as you win (Back to 1 on a loss) and capping at 3, starting at play 2, you are already at +20 in the first col W/O betting more than 3. That's even better than getting 20 Ps iar playing F! When is the last time you saw that kind of performance? Perhaps never?

So what are we doing here? We are taking advantage of high favoratism.

How would trillion's shoe have fared? Well try it. It gets to +9 but then loses the last bet of 3 ending at +6 at play 20 - much better than any of the 3 NOR systems in any mode.

Want to see some more? O.K.


Strong Side:

Sometimes we can get high Players or high Banks but F can't get a toe hold on it because of alternating 2s and 3s on the weak side.

Example: 421153112

OK it statrs out favoring P 2 to 1 so we have a mandatory Strong Side situation.

So we select F and start F2. The 3rd bet rule switches us to F3 but that doesn't hit either.

So, if you play F perfectly from play 2 you end up with +2 having incurred a -4 and a -8 and a 6 bet along the way. So you get +2 only if you cheat on your stop loss. Officially you got -8, our worst possible score. Rats!

But remember what I said the last shoe: High favoritism favors up as you win. Here we are looking at 13 Ps vs 7 Bs - almost 2 to 1. But it started out at more than 2 to 1. So, let's try our same up as you win formula and again cap at 3.

The shoe is strongly favoring P so this time we bet P ONLY and up as you win:

We finish at +10 with a highest bet of 3 and a worst position of +1.

Excellent! This matches our very best 1st col NOR performance.

BUT! Let me show you another little trick...

Another problem with up as you win betting is it loses miserably to ZZ runs. That, plus the always lose your highest bet problem should tell you why we don't normally use up as you win betting.

Solution: Switch to up as you lose when betting under a 1 iar. Now you win on ZZs!

Try the shoe again with that feature added. Yep, +14! Better than the very best NOR performance.

Now, don't get carried away with this! Up as you win is normally frought with problems. But, when confined to cases of High Favoritism, it can do wonders for you. We want to see something close to 2 to 1 favoritism or better. But in those rare cases, it excells!

But it can be high favoritism of ANYTHING:

High Players

High Banks

High Opposites

High Repeats

High OTB4L hits (high 2s and TT runs)

High TB4L hits (Streaky with low 2s)

Another trick of the trade from Ellis!

I'll do another one tomorrow.

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Yes Ellis, every little bit helps.


OK guys, I kept going but I simply added to my first post so that we can have all our tips in the same place instead of scattered all over. I should probably always do this to make for easier reading and better organization???

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