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Article: NOR Roulette Thoughts

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PurpleInk, I doubt if enough time has elapsed since the seminar. I suspect most attendees are still digesting and practicing what they learned.

About the only advantage of playing Bac on a Roulette table is the fact that the table limits are usually far lower at a Roulette table. Also, Bac has only one game going at a time - B vs P, while roulette has 3 games going at the same time - RvB, OvE, HvL allowing you to pick and chose the best one or the best two.

The disadvantage of playing Rou is the casino edge is much larger so the lower stakes and sometimes seat availability and the fact of 3 games vs one are about the only advantages of playing Rou vs Bac.

Keith's staking line betting system was extremely interesting and we all watched it win and win and win. But it is not simple and requires much practice at home first.

I don't know if any of the attendees attempted playing Rou right after the seminar. Most played Bac. It will probably take a while before we get any actual Rou play results from anyone. Give them time to practice first.

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