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Any NOR players around the Chicagoland area?

Very strangely, I've never conducted a seminar in Chicago even though invited there many times. Probably one of the bigger mistakes of my life.

But there is one casino in your area I'd like to play. It has only one table with back betting. It is new regular cards every shoe.

One player posted on ImSpirit that he was some $24,000 ahead betting an insanely long progression on Bank only. I told him that it was just a question of time until he got a shoe Player favorable enough to wipe him out - that he was one shoe away from total disaster. We were in contact for a while but then he suddenly disappeared. So I suspect that..... But while in contact he sent me some shoes from that table. I instantly noted that they were highly OTB4L favorable.

This tells me that the casino card prep is highly OTB4L favorable. I've seen this before at Goldstrike Tunica and at Hollywood, Pa among others and took full advantage of the situation. Hollywood ended up removing their table because Keith and I were beating it every shoe.

If you want, you can look it up on the ImSpirit blog and get the name of the casino if you don't know already.

BTW, Casinos know that most players lose to OTB4L shoes so it's not surprising that they would use an OTB4L favorable card prep.

Otherwise, players have reported that the Chicago area is generally very tough. But nothing is unbeatable with a little study and preparation. For instance we have several players consistently beating the preshuffled cards in Vegas.

You just need to use your head and the principles taught right here.

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Isn't it going to be hard to do the live casino play session next month at Hollywood if they removed their baccarat table? So is it only for Roulette?

Good point gman! They still have two minibac tables when they are both open. I'm not so sure I want to play that situation. I'd rather play A.C. Bethlehem had a lot of tables but also a lot of players and it was not easy to get on one let alone do proper table selection. But it cleared out about 8:30 PM. I'll talk to Keith about it.

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I would not mind driving to AC as I really want to see how your guys go about your TABLE SELECTION.

Every little edge helps.

Right! But table selection is more than a little edge. It often makes the difference.

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