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The Dreaded Shuffle Master and Patent

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For those who don't believe cards are being preshuffled...


Patent: Card_shuffler_with_card_rank_and_value_r.pdf

Look at page 7 of the Patent

Then read page 23 section 0006! *

Page 27 section 0060 and on.

Page 38 of PDF or page 16 of the patent section 0144 states"as well as sort the cards in a predetermined order"*

Anyway I think it's safe to say way too much technology in something that's supposed to just shuffle the cards. **


http://www.google.com/patents/downlo...erview_r&cad=0 go to page 7, look familiar??? There are several patents that get more sophisticated as the years go on for the shuffle master.*


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Right Peter! We are aware of the fact that modern shuffle machines can put the cards in

any predetermined arrangement desired. This has been the subject of much discussion here.

My own opinion is that such devices should be illegal for very obvious reasons.

But, we've got the fox guarding the henhouse!

One major problem is that if all cards were truly shuffled to a random condition,

either by hand or by machine,

Basic Strategy alone would beat BJ and the game would disappear.

The same may be true of Baccarat deploying OTB4L U1D1m2

or net betting OTB4L vs TB4L U1D1m2

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