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  1. You could try, but you'll draw suspicion by using an electronic device... Paper is paper, they want to mess with your human psychology and not have you rely on a non-emotional computer ;-) Live Play: (Casino) Human vs (Player) Human - with the exception of computerised card shuffling On-line Live Play: (Casino) Human vs (Player) Human/Computer - no need for smart-phone if you have computer at home and you'll have a slight advantage On-line RNG Play:(Casino) Computer vs (Player) Human/Computer - don't bother, computer likely to cheat on behalf of the casino... Regards, Peter
  2. Greetings! Here's a spreadsheet which I've modified from my Trading Simulation to show the potential of thinking of your gains in terms of Percentages... i.e. Starting with 500 Capital and Winning at least 1% per Game (i.e. starting with 5 minimum live tables aiming to win +1)... enter values in the black boxes ;-) https://www.dropbox.com/s/a8czgbtphrl340u/BTCPercentageReturn.xls Calculations example strategy: if you have say capital of $1000 and want to win 1% every game then that would be $10, you could play a $10 min table and aim to win +1 or $5 min table and win +2. Now if you've accumu
  3. Great News Mike! Remember also to keep a log of your wins and losses, time, day, comments, emotions and etc... you'll discover the period when the play and avoid periods where you lose often... ;-) It's kind of a feedback system so that way you can stay encouraged despite the losses that may occur... develop confidence on achieving results. Peter
  4. Interesting article: http://www.naturalnews.com/044090_bitcoins_mtgox_currency_collapse.html Also MtGox has filed for Bankruptcy: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-25233230 Do your due diligence before investing...
  5. As Ellis say the 4D Rules of the System is a work in progress... the 4D forum will be the manual and dynamically updated as backtesting, thoughts and suggestions from real play keeps coming in... we're like the live guinea pig/research students of the system... and Ellis being the Professor overseeing the project. Priority is currently given to finalising Rules of the system and then the examples will come from himself and/or others later... You could have a filled out 4D Scorecard, but if the rules aren't finalised/clarified it may not make sense later to follow if the rules have changed and
  6. Greetings, Feedback for Ellis and Keith is great for future improvements... but for those who are thinking in the wrong direction... do keep in mind that for the price of the seminar video and for what it is... a recorded seminar with stuff edited out... You have a real bargain! There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes that most people don't get to see... thus editing is a great tool! If they had to work more on a step-by-step tutorial, guide, educational video, which costs time and money, they would be right to charge way more for the seminar and probably in the $1000's, that is if you be
  7. Now discover the Beat The Casino System for Winning at Baccarat by: - Learning the correct habits and the positive attitudes of a 'Professional Baccarat' Player as mentioned in the NOR manual written by Ellis, and don't give up... treat every loss as useful information knowing that you will WIN more than you LOSE if you stick to the strategies discovered here... - Developing good Risk Management (i.e. Leave after -8 Units lost and Exit strategy depending on Betting Progression no questions asked or emotion) and stick with it... i.e. As you become a Pro, the Risk to Reward Ratio is Potential
  8. What does the psychology of money mean? Our brains hold the knowledge and experience that we have acquired over our lifetimes, and will impact on our attitudes and approaches to everything that we do and feel. Over the years, many of us have developed an attitude towards money, shaped by our experience with money. If you were brought up in a home where “money doesn’t grow on trees”, or “the poor will inherit the earth”. If you watched your parents spend money like water on non-essentials, but battle to pay the rent every month, your brain will have tucked these experiences into your subconscio
  9. Ten top tips for using your mind to attract money 1. Change your thoughts and you change your world. Realise that you have as much ability to make money as anyone else. 2. Keep your mind open for opportunity. Read, listen, observe, and take note of where business gaps exist, or opportunities for investment may be found. 3. Step outside of your comfort zone. 4. Be prepared to put in the work to make the money. 5. Recognise that money is a tool, and tools are there to be used. 6. When you lose your fear of money, money loses its fear of you. 7. You might not feel able to make a million, but yo
  10. Money on the mind Can a rich mind prevent a poor purse? Dr Jane Cox gives us the lowdown on the psychology of money... “Our brains hold the knowledge and experience that we have acquired over our lifetimes, and will impact on our attitudes and approaches to everything that we do and feel,” says international human behavioural specialist and peak performance expert Dr Jane Cox. “Over the years, many of us have developed an attitude towards money, shaped by our experiences. Maybe you were brought up in a home where ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’? Perhaps you watched your parents spend money like
  11. For BTC members only (Please do not move this thread to public forum) The concepts here were taught at my Trading Seminar but can be very useful in general. From Dr Jane Cox (new www.levels.co.uk) Is your Subconscious Mind keeping you Broke? Do you think it is possible to make more money than you’re currently making? Do you know other people in your field, maybe with less talent and ability than you, regularly banking more money and living a far better lifestyle than you could possibly hope to afford? While it seems grossly unfair, actually, your own subconscious mind could be working against
  12. For the $600 you paid for the NOR, you've acquired a real bargain with a wealth of knowledge... Including access to the dynamic Forum with participants. If you look at the many courses out there that claim to teach you something, especially in business can cost you in the $1000's, plus coaching sessions worth over $300 per 30 min sessions at etc.... Psychology is an important factor to learning, playing and thinking... And when you start complaining about the cost of things and not really seeing the true value of knowledge or etc, you are limiting your mindset in to expecting to having things
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