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Guys! You bet AGAINST the least common and ON the most common.

For instance: Let's say 2s and 4+s are least common while 3s are most common.

You would bet that 2s will go to 3 and 3 will stay 3. See that?

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thats exactly what i am thinking, i wouldnt change whole system, i would just adjust my system to it...when i am lets say on otb4l and 3 i 4 are most sommon...i will not shift to repeat, i would just follow to 3 or 4 and then again shift to otb4l

2s and 4s less common u only bet 2s to 3 and stay 3 u still never going to bet everyhand

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NOR Baccarat Player

Hi Ellis

Thanks for your reply. I just signed up for the webinar and I think that your idea of limiting it to the new start rule(s) is a good one. It sounds like, from your posts, that there is more to it than the information that has been posted so far. Also, may I suggest you include System Selection as a secondary topic since it seems to me that the two are somewhat interrelated.

Also, for me, I absolutely love your Sat/Sun idea for the next Las Vegas seminar. I would definitely sign up for both days (seminar & group play) either individually or as a package deal.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you have taught me (and others.) I do not post much, but I can tell you that after years of floundering (mostly with the Benson systems) the first NOR seminar I attended in 2011 was a revelation. Since then I have been able to take my Baccarat play to levels I only dreamed about and with a confidence I never had before. It's been hard work and the learning never stops, but NOR, and it's variations, has been worth it to me. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

Thanks again.

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Originally Posted by CdnChamer

Hey Ellis, great to see that you are really excited and that goes for me too! NOR / NOR+ has been a

great success for me in the past few months. I am a quiet person at the tables and the dealers all know me well at my local casinos

to the extent that they peer over to see my card as to what I am doing and I' now had three dealers request that I teach them,

of course I decline and believe or not... Three weeks ago, one dealer asked me if I was playing NOR! I REPLIED..."no".

I was actually playing NOR+. So I didn't lie. He scratched his head and said it sure looks like NOR I don't know if he is a member

but he did volunteer info that he is confused as to what what bias to play, so I left it at that and continued to play quietly and win

as usual.

BUT NOW... 4D , ok. You have my attention... I would like to learn more about this and a sample card layout would be helpful.

FYI, my wife now knows that I am making money at bac and she was delighted when I showed her my secret bankroll and gave

her a portion of it in cash to pay for our Vacation in Hawaii of which is where I am now. I plan to go to Vegas in Dec so if there

are any members there I would like to meet and exchange ideas with, Also.... We plan to go to HK again and do a short trip to

Maccau again and play some Bac there and hopefully meet with members there.

LIFE IS GOOD. And I'm sure I will be traveling more often now... Gee this 4D sounds like it will be light years from the aging

"Twister" concept back in 2008. Remember that Ellis?

Oh... G2G. Wife wants to go out to the beach!


This is all music to my ears CC! In fact I think I'll place a copy in the public forum. But even the newer members, your

post will build their confidence and provide a picture of what lies ahead for them. I had just got finished telling the members

that we have MANY members who seldom post. They are playing well and would rather spend their time playing. But I often

hear from them and I often play with them.

You learned that trick from me didn't you - giving a portion of your winnings to your wife after each trip. That way, instead of

complaining that you're leaving yet again, they tend to kick you out of the house.

CC and everyone: You get to a stage where what you are doing becomes interesting to everyone around the table -

players, dealers and pit bosses alike. Just tell them to go to "beatthecasino - all one word". We like to get members that way and

we like to have experienced dealers on our forum. MANY of them play too! And we pick their brains as much as they pick ours.

We always have several dealers on the forum. They teach us about their side of the table. No, I'm not concerned about them

learning our secrets. Unlike the common streak and chop systems on the internet, there is no casino defense for NOR.

In fact if you have some beatthecasino name cards made up you can say "tell them who recommended you" and you get a hefty

sponser commission. I frequently pass out such cards in the casino.

Yes CC, I certainly remember Twister. It was all part of the evolution how we got to where we are. And just because we are the

most advanced Baccarat forum in the world, doesn't mean we won't advance even further.

We've been in uncharted waters a long time now.

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ellis...yes i do play BJ, but not so much now because cards in casino where i play become too much dealer biased...and baccarat become much interes to me now

DarkV....i am silance because i am just reading and reading....trying to figure out some things

hahaha you give up the thought to hit a real casino before understand things already ar?

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