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Inquiring on performing the methods of counting

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Hi Mr. Davis and everyone on the forum,

It has been a long time I haven't visited the forum so I must have missed a lot of info. When I bought Nor system, I know how to do the OR count, but other than that I don't know how to perform the other two counts plus the newest 4th. So, I wonder if Mr.Davis or anyone who read this thread can assist me with this question, and how to construct them into the score card too. Thank you very much and wish you all well.

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John will have score card recommendations for you shortly.

Just as your O/R count is +1 for an Op and -1 for a Rep

Your OT count is +1 for an OTB4L circle and -1 for a TB4L circle (Time befor last)

The same with your Double OT count except you are looking at the time before the time before last.

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