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Need more help on counting method

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Thank you Mr.Davis for answering my question on counting method. I have one more question to ask you( or anyone in the forum who know the answer to it). How would I work those counting numbers into the decision making while playing baccarat? Is any guideline or suggestion of how to use those numbers? Before you start sit down to play, do you have to decide what system to play first or should I rather wait few hands to get those numbers going to see what system I need to play, how do I get the indication from those numbers to know what system to pick. Is there any general ideas, guideline at all on this matter?, though I know we need to be able to feel the changing of the shoe from moment to moment, but there must be some general guideline about how to use those counting number to put them into practice. Please kindly let me know because I am trying to practice as much as possible before our trip on Nov/23/13 to Atlantic City. Wonder if any of our member will be there on that date? I love to meet any of you. Thanks

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