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Experience with RNG online casinos

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Hello all,

As a new player I am just starting to accumulate experience with the methods discussed here. This site is full of wonderful information! Although I am still learning the systems/methods, I am up substantially in live casino play based on what I've learned here... even though I'm still making mistakes.

To expand on my experience I decided to try to play an online casino that uses a RNG. Even though I saw the warnings here to not play random number generated (RNG) online casinos, I decided to try and see what happened. This is my experience:

I played the 4D NOR method by selecting the system that seemed best based on the last six hands. I did not do any net betting, but followed a u1d1 progression.

I played over 1,200 hands real money at Bovada to gather enough data to make a reasonable conclusion. Universally when the wager was below $10 I could win about 53% of hands. When the wager escalated to over $10 (by either base-bet or progression), I could not hit higher than a 30% win rate. I am certain that this is not because of my play, but it may be because the outcome of each hand may be determined at runtime (not predetermined like it would be in a shoe of cards).

The results are that I can confirm the prior advice of others to NOT play RNG baccarat. I had a series of very unlikely events just when I started to increase my wagers, including one run where for five times in a row the first two cards of the opposing hand were zero and third card was a 9. I've never seen this happen in a casino.

The online play doesn't have any concept of a "shoe" so the shoe report below is in 72-hand batches for convenience. I caution against seeing the shoes and thinking that they can be beaten by playing them back after the fact... as mentioned earlier I have a feeling that the outcome of each hand was related to the running profit-margin of the RNG algorithm rather than the pre-determined ordering of a shuffle.












Happily my land based winnings handily cover the RNG online experiment. It wasn't all a waste. I've learned something and gotten more practice with the various 4D methods.

I would welcome the experience of others to confirm or deny my report.

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did you see the video slower

but the digital back ground result is out faster?

do you experience lagging video during draw result?

did you have a round void because the machine can't scan the card

but you see the card deal you win?

this shoes can make profit

provided they don't void or change the result if you win

"one run where for five times in a row the first two cards of the opposing hand were zero and third card was a 9.

I've never seen this happen in a casino."

i never see before too

but i never see such a balance shoe before

maybe if you need data you can go lucky live casino it's free for live play

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