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Clearing old NON relevant posts and making life easier.

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Ladies and Gents;

I think we all agree on the below:

1. can the site admin PLEASE get rid of all non-relevant posts in the NOR (and other forums) so that members (especialy new ones) don't have to spend hours upon hours going through information that they don't need. Why should someone be writing about some casino closing down and owing whatever amount to another company in NOR thread?

2. If you are a member can you please consider and not bring in any junk in any thread that you can. Please make sure if you post something it's absolutely relevant.

3. Can the NOR+ thread be separated from the NOR. NOT itself is confusing enough.

Thank you


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What determines if a post is junk?

Who decides if a post is relevant to me?

Much of my learnings have come from such posts. Your junk, well it's my treasure. Your irrelevant posts are important to me. Many times an irrelevant post makes me stop, take a break , ponder and learn more learn more about the whys are as kramden says....

Some of my best learnings thus far come from within a post that never should have been there....but a member who is more knowledgeable than I took the time to impart some knowledge and wisdom .....yes that's right, they took their time to write something so that I may learn it....

BY THE WAY-many members/pros here tell me they often go back to reread old posts to continue their learnings, did they forget something, need a fine tune up etc.

I get that it is frustrating to you...but just having a thread with NOR and results and playing methods without any of the comments feedback banter...well that just seems a bit boring to me.

Take the time to read thru the posts and you decide what is relevant to you or not-save what you what don't save what you don't want.

Perhaps it's time for us to stop, be grateful and thank the many pros that have taken their valuable time to help others.

Thank you guys!!!

So Sam, take the time to read and wonder your way around the posts. It's like a Forrest of knowledge, not meant to be a highway straight to the casinos. Take the time to prepare yourself and learn along the way. And realize this is a journey, not a sprint....and as such make the most of it, smile and be grateful to others.......

Disney once said....life is what you choose to make it......choose your happily ever after...

I yell "winner winner chicken dinner on all naturals"

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