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Net betting 4 columns????

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Is it possible to net bet 4 columns (I'm assuming 3 other players results plus your own?) Is it REALLY possible to have 100+ units won per shoe????

Would really love a practical way to do this mathematically if it's practical and it works... :confused:

Got an e-mail from a system seller (gambleIQ.com) as posted below:

A person that simply bets only Banker obviously loses any and all hands that come Player for the entire shoe. So a simple-minded “Banker Only System†has one unique POISON, that being any and all Player outcomes. So depending on the progression used, that player will fear long runs of player forever. He or she may also lose when it comes 3 bankers, 1 player, 4 bankers, 1 player, 2 bankers…etc.

(In other words, when two player outcomes fail to come back to back for extended periods of time)

Note: Some systems require you to win two hands in a row to complete a mini progression AKA a Parlay System, or two winning hands out of three as in a Fibonacci System, or simply one winning hand to accomplish the infinitely risky and often misunderstood (and widely the cause for financial disaster) Martingale System.

Example Two:

A system that is dependent on “runsâ€, “streaks†or “repeated hands†like Bank/Bank/Bank/Bank/Bank in a row, doesn’t win any hands when the shoe comes out choppy like Bank/Player/Bank/Player/Bank/Player.

One could say that a streak-type system has only one “Poison†or “Specific outcome that hurt its feelings and profits.â€

Back and forth outcomes will forever be the “Poison†of the streak bettor.

So it can be fairly stated “Every single gambling system on Earth undoubtedly has its own unique poison.†This is fact and not conjecture.


Paradigm Shift Required

Four good friends go to the casino to play baccarat together. They agree to share evenly all profits or losses from their day together.

PLAYER ONE Profits when his unique and predetermined betting blueprint wins two hands in a row. He suffers a substantial loss when he experiences a certain number of losses BEFORE he ever gets to his “two in a row winner†or his “Doublerâ€.

PLAYER TWO Profits when his unique and predetermined betting blueprint wins two hands in a row. He suffers a substantial loss when he experiences a certain number of losses BEFORE he ever gets to his “two in a row winner†or his “Doublerâ€.

PLAYER THREE Profits when his unique and predetermined betting blueprint wins two hands in a row. He suffers a substantial loss when he experiences a certain number of losses BEFORE he ever gets to his “two in a row winner†or his “Doublerâ€.

PLAYER FOUR Profits when any of the other three players struggle to win their individual battles with the casino, effectively taking the Casino’s side by betting against their attempt to successfully complete their individual “Doublers†after a specific, fixed and mathematically strategic number of failed attempts.

Scenario One

Player 2 wins 70 units on “Doublers†and loses 32 units on failed attempts for +38

Player 3 wins 62 units on “Doublers†and loses 75 units on failed attempts for -13

Player four wins 122 units by successfully betting against players 1, 2 and 3 during their struggles against the all mighty casino.

Net effect: this team of four players wins 140 units net and after paying commission is left with an enormous Profit of 124 Units for ONE SHOE.

Scenario Two

Player 1 wins 65 units on “Doublers†and loses 96 units on failed attempts for -31

Player 2 wins 72 units on “Doublers†and loses 64 units on failed attempts for +8

Player 3 wins 83 units on “Doublers†and loses 45 units on failed attempts for +38

Player 4 wins 79 units by successfully betting against players 1 2 and 3 during their struggles getting to their “Doublers†which thankfully and obviously do not always come easily.

Net effect: this team of four players wins 94 units net and after paying commission is left with an excellent Profit of 85 Units for ONE SHOE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At GambleIQ.com we have ingeniously created a simple to play ONE PERSON SYSTEM that includes every single, brilliant aspect of this complex, profit making formula described above, using only the baccarat scorecard, a pencil and second grade math. It has created profits averaging in excess of 107 units per shoe in the math lab; computer tests and most importantly in casinos where we have won over 91% of all shoes played. The 9% of losing shoes only lost the same number of units that our typical winning shoes create.

The simple netting of the four columns of logic and diversification, create obviously only one tidy, little “Net Bet†for each and every hand played during the entire shoe.

You simply train with us via Skype, email, telephone or in person, and in a few hours of study and practice you can be on your way to a lifetime of consistent profits for you and your family.


Finally; The 100 units plus per shoe “Winning Formula†with the lowest average bet sizes ever even dreamed of by Baccarat hopefuls.




Imagine the following scenario:

Player1wins 65 units on “Doublers†and loses 64 units on failed attempts for +1

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More info from a different e-mail:

Our premise is this....

When you focus on bet size differential, as opposed to bet selection (which for the record is completely meaningless), you start to use math as a way to create a consistent return in a random game such as baccarat.

When we have one column which we call the "core", and that columns wins and losses end up at say 37 wins and 37 losses for a shoe, we earn EXACTLY 37 TIMES THE DIFFERENTIAL. So when we use the template of $60/$10 it means we bet 60 dollars on the first hand that our method calls for and then we vary each wager by the exact amount of ten dollars, either higher or lower than the previous hands wager according to our parameters.

So a fifty-fifty average outcome of 37-37 produces a profit of $370.00.

Let's look at a bad outcome for the core. Say 32 wins and 39 losses. To get to this result, the core had to have several losing streaks. It is physically impossible to end up 7 units behind 50/50 without successive losses obviously.

So here is where our formula shines. The second column that we employ to "hedge" against a potential bad outcome for the core, gets to PROFIT from the groups of successive losses that the core suffers from. So we see every single shoe and every single day, times where the core has say 5 losses in a row and it thus loses perhaps a 40, a 50, a 60, and a 70 dollar bet. While this occurs though, we have column two winning (at the same time) a 70, 60, 50, and a 40 and a 30 dollar bet. Now consider that we play multiple columns every day for our living. What do you think happens for column three when column two is on a bit of a winning streak? You guessed it! It piles on and simply bets with the second columns bets, which compounds our profits when things are going our way!

So we end up with an amazingly complex set of inter related hedges which over 3500 plus shoes played and or tested have created PROFITS in 87% of these shoes.

When one column wins 5 or 6 or 8 hands in a row, the profits are multiplied or compounded by the multiple column hedges which we have created.

And more importantly........

When one column loses 5 or 6 or 8 hands in a row, the losses are mitigated and oftentimes turned into large profit sections through the application of our multiple hedge formula, in that we have three or more columns WINNING more than the first column which is losing; during this temporary losing stretch.

In summation, our methodology wins more than it loses.

If you want to win more money than you lose, you have come to the right person.

We can talk more later on today if you are available. On the phone I am better able to answer your questions and to discuss a few options for you to purchase our system and to get started with your own baccarat income stream.

As far as price goes, we have sold our system for $30,000 to people that wanted to get multiple people trained and wanted live training, either we fly to them or they fly here to our casinos here, or we meet in Vegas and teach them there.

If we are talking a simple email and phone training for you and say one other person, we could go $7,500 for the entire package and it includes 12 hours of live personal training.

Much more to discuss obviously, but taking the time to get to know us and learn more about our formula could be a very wise decision for your financial future. We won’t be selling this to too many more humans. Its time to focus on just playing our creation at higher levels and to stop responding to the hundreds of emails we are currently receiving each month.

Best Regards,




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Note: this is from David Gunas jr. A systems seller and snake charmer.....google him, read what others have said.....I have had bad experiences with him trying to sell methods that do not work.

Be careful what he is trying to sell you.

I yell "winner winner chicken dinner on all naturals"

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Audionut, yes, it is possible to net bet the results of 4 players, by yourself, but this would be a very foolish thing to attempt as Dave here will soon find out.

Net betting, which Dave has obviously stolen from us, exploits low disparity. Adding any higher disparity outcome contaminates the whole net betting process. It doesn't help you to net bet more than two things, it hurts you as long as you chose the lowest disparity to net bet in the first place. That is the whole secret of successful net betting. Perhaps in a few years Dave will figure that out. It took me long enough.

For instance, in the 4D we have our 4 counts which give us the 4 balanced net bet opportunities. These are the ONLY net bet opportunities. There are no others. Lets say that PB has a disparity of 2 while OR has a disparity of 6. Yes we could net bet OR and PB separately and then net bet those two outcomes together. BUT that will give you a worse overall outcome than simply net betting PB BECAUSE you have contaminated a 2 disparity with a 6 disparity. See that?

Sure, anybody can win 100 units in a shoe net betting by simply adjusting their progressions. Instead of net betting a two 1234 progs like we do, net bet 2 4 8 16 progressions. If all goes well. Yes you'll make 100 units - if all goes well. But there is no sense in it because you will have to reduce your unit size to accomodate those inevitable 14 unit bets. If you are normally a $25 player you will have to go down at least to $10 but more likely $5 units.

With our prog our highest het is 3 units or $75 playing quarters.

With a 2 4 8 16 your highest bet is 14 units or $70 playing nickels. See that?

So OK, they win 100 $5 units on a great shoe and win $500.

We win our normal goal of 20 units and we make $500.

So what was the point of 14 unit bets???

But at $25 units WE can play anywhere.

Who's going to allow $5 units these days?

But that is not nearly the whole story.

Many shoes simply have no low disparity. WE have the perfect out. We go high disparity with SS betting.

Those guys are stuck. All 4 of their net bets will lose. And net betting all 4 together won't help a thing!

This guy Dave probably discovered net betting last month and sees that you can net bet 4 items at once and thinks he's discovered the holy grail. He's got $ signs for eyeballs.

Everybody thinks that way when they first see it. Our guys did. It seems like a miracle at first blush. It's not. It is a great tool at the right time and place - nothing more.

I invented net betting 25 years ago and have had 25 years to work with it. I've tried double and triple and quadruple net betting. I know what happens. Dave obviously doesn't. But he will soon find out. He's in for some very rough shoes. Multiple net betting is never better than single net betting the lowest disparity.

I think the 4D offers the best and safest opportunity for net betting there is BECAUSE it utilizes lowest disparity AND because it has a great out when there is no low disparity - which happens quite frequently.

Yes, it's cute and yes it lowers your average bet size. BUT, in the wrong shoe, net betting can lose big time. WE are, in effect, screening our shoes with our 4 counts. We KNOW when to net bet but more important - when not to.

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Audionut, I was just reminded that I know who this Dave guy is. A year ago several of us got an email from him about some partners system he was teaching. I pointed out on our forum at the time how amateurish this was because there is nothing you can do with a partner you can't do yourself net betting while betting far less money.

So then he comes out with a net betting system. Big surprise! He is either a member on our forum or has a good friend who is. I'm a gambler so I don't believe in coincidence.

He's right where we were 25 years ago. Save your money.

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hey sambo,here is one for you.This guy dave gunas charges $7,500us for 12 hour skype.Maybe you should contact him and point your finger at him.After all you are complaining that ellis has the nerve to charge $600 us.

And for the same stuff we were doing 25 years ago.

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