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capture points and stop loss

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My prog 123 4, target is 10 units. Score is +6, I already won the shoe, I lose 2 plays on the row, OR says M3, should I quit wining 3 units? Or place a 2 unit bet to secure 1 unit win?

Being a rockie I jumped in at play20, prog 123 4 , at play 42 I reached my goal of 10 units.

Should I quit right there or set a capture point of +7 ?

Now on the sour side

I just jumped in after deciding system (mode will be showed by OR when needed)

Prog 123 4 my first bet lose, my second bet is 1 unit because I didn't win yet. Lose again.

Should I quit leaving the table at -2 score?

Stop betting and observe a few more plays to see what the shoe is telling me to do?

Place a third bet of 1 unit following the system choosed at the mode set by OR count?

One last situation

My score is -6 after 2 losing bets on the row, mode is 3, but I can't bet 3 units that put me beyond

our -8 stop loss.

Should I leave taking the 6 units loss?

Or place a bet of 2 units following the system I am playing?

I would appreciate any help given .

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