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    Former BJ player. I did it for fun because I could not be a consistent winner. Played occasionaly basic strategy, no card count. After I master NOR I would probably give a try to NBJ.
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    Windshield Repair & PDR shop owner

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  1. In defense to Ellis, I can say I also never lost a shoe at Caesars. Never played there.
  2. Do not know and do not care, Just think it as shorter bias, extra care like You were playing against online casino. If you can avoid it choose another table. I play mostly roulette, single Zero, Closest thing to random, no way of orquestation. Still longer straight and zz runs. Once on the run I stay on until it ends. You must always pick the easiest way to win that you can. I only give up to the casino the house edge, anything else no fu.. way.
  3. First, this is a public forum, not the place to do it. Ask me on members only forum
  4. If your stop loss is lower than your stop win you are ahead. If you break even you got yourself a hobbie, if you lose more than you win you are just another brick in the wall. I've been member for 5 years also, just now I found a a way to beat the kitchen table , say 8 out of 10 shoes. Until now I stayed away from casinos. Yeah, I invest thousands of hours on this, and not a single penny. Time is on my side. That is another valuable advice Norm gave in one of his posts.
  5. As a rule of thumb, the only advantage you give to the casino is that fixed House Edge, doing that the battle is almost won.
  6. I think a main issue on all Ellis Systems is that they all work betting every hand. Maybe this is so because of his BJ background, playing head to head BJ you got no choice. Mix that with an Up as you Lose Prog, you got the the recipe for a perfect storm. Your BKR will sooner than later be gone with the wind....
  7. No gift to you this year... By the way, English is not my mother language, LMFAOL stands for Laugh my F*** A** Out Loud, Right?
  8. Sorry guys , I should have remembered to read all previous post on the subject before asking a question that was answered there. It Will not do that again.
  9. I have been using Oscar grind on BJ some years back. I had better results twisting rule a little doubling my bet after first lost. In a LW LW you make 1 unit every 2 hands. The culprit is after a series of loses a pattern WLLWLLW will take you size unit pretty high.Setting a stop loss on 2 or 3 units, with a decent PA it would certainly work, slowly.
  10. Sorry, made a mistake on your example. What I mean was: Prog 1 2 4 P12424143 Bet opp 1 unit (3s stay 3s). If loses bet R ( 4 go to 5) . (1 or 2 Units?) If 1 unit, on the next 3 you bet opp again 2 units. and if loses again R 2 units.
  11. Yes. Thank you Sir. On P1242714(3) meaning 3 on brackets is an unconfirmed, You bet first 3 stay 3 and if loses going to 4 , you place a Repeat betting is going to 5, right? On a 1 2 4 prog is this second bet considered 2nd step betting 2 units, or just 1 and wait for the next (3) to bet 2 units on opposites?
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