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Quickest path to +5 units...

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Just wanted to let all know that I'm not trying to push the Simplified 4D on anyone or brush off the latest BaS40 method being worked on.

As they say "I have no dog in either fight" and could care less which system (or both, if possible) works best overall to accomplish the +5 unit task.


My reasons for sticking with 4D were purely selfish.

If you'll notice, I posted another thread "Lack of Table Selection" where I wrote that 99% of the time there's no room at the tables where the shoe is already in progress. This leaves me with having to start at the beginning of the shoe the majority of the time. Ellis, I know this is the WORST way to play, but it is MY reality.

The mechanical method-of-play of 4D allows me to just play the shoe the same way every time and let the counts direct my bet selections.

So far, this has worked, with my worst so far being a drawdown of -8, but after hanging in for a bit the 4D counts eventually directed my bet selections to where I ended at +6 w/o the worry of needing to re-evaluate determining system, mode, etc. And in hindsight, had I stuck to Norm A's (RIP) advice of flat betting when at or below a score of 0 the -8 would have been a -4.

Side note: No super streaks (6 or more iar's) were encountered thusfar and definitely needs to be dealt with if we continue tweaking the 4D.

From what I've gathered so far, 4D is NOT for trying to hit homeruns with high final scores. Can it sometimes? Most certainly! As long as streaks (some ZZ, but mosty same-side iar's of 5 or more) are not common in the shoe. Again, this is 4D's Achilles Heel which is all the more reason why it would be prudent to shoot for a low profit score of 5 units per shoe then "get the hell outta Dodge" before things have a chance to wreak havoc.

In conclusion, if Ellis told me today that all my work was in vain because it was determined the BaS40 or some other system produces 5 units most consistently, I would take absolutely no offense at all! I want (we ALL want) a system that generates +5 units the quickest, safest way no matter WHAT it ends up being after the dust settles. And if it could work from shoe starts (hand 7 or so), all the better.....



"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration...do your homework" Thomas A. Edison

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