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Live Dealer Baccarat 6 deck shoes????

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HI everybody!

I got some experiences playing Baccarat with dublinbet.com where Baccarat is dealt with 6 deck shoes.

But sadly dublinbet.com changes its table limit to the disadvantage of the gamer repeatedly.

Now I am looking for another Online Live Dealer BACCARAT Casino similar as dublinbet.com (6 deck shoes) but with a wider table limit.

Any help or suggestion are most welcome.

Thanks a lot.


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Hi @Fatherfred@

I am not located in Dublin, therefore I play Baccarat at Dublinbet.com only ONLINE.

I know that the casino comes with 3 table limits, but not at once, means i can not switch during one game fast enough from one limit to the other one.

( I think they know why) Thats why i am looking for an ONLINE casino with 6 deck shoes with a table limit, at least with 1-500 or more. I know 2 years back you also could play at Dublinbet with the limit 1-1500 or so !

Again, if anyone knows a similar Live-Dealer casino with 6 deck shoes, you are most welcome for any help.

Thanks a lot,


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