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  1. Can't wait to get home from work and watch the video after i have fed my fiance' !
  2. Well ofcourse i have to take her to the restaurant first.Or else she would complain and feeling cheap. Or did you mean do her in the restroom?!
  3. And negative progression owns! I bet on black and lost. Next bet i'll throw my fiance on red. I hope the casino accept the bet.
  4. I like the idea. But how would it be any different from other threads?
  5. Hey Edwin. Welcome in the club! Are you just practising or with real money? The D'alembert is what we call U1D1 progression. It WILL lose if you just bet on banker or player only. Start with reading this post and learn the different systems so you understand them before you continue the journey through this forum. You have alot of good things coming! Cheers!
  6. Everything that is happening in this world, revolves around number 23. I went crazy a long time ago!
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