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  1. Hello again old friends! I have been away for the last couple of years because i have been unemployed and short on money. It has been rough.. The first thing i will do when my economy gets better is to rejoin this fantastic club. I have really missed it! I just wanted to say i really like this Vertical and Horizontal approach with the 221 money management. When the VH approach doesn't call for a bet, i check the most recent common and the current bias and decide to make a bet or wait. Today's practise session online, i made 47 units and the biggest bet was 13 units. So far the string of uncrossed numbers haven't been long. I suspect that the HV approach keep the negative variance low, but i need to test more shoes. Cheers!
  2. Can't wait to get home from work and watch the video after i have fed my fiance' !
  3. Well ofcourse i have to take her to the restaurant first.Or else she would complain and feeling cheap. Or did you mean do her in the restroom?!
  4. And negative progression owns! I bet on black and lost. Next bet i'll throw my fiance on red. I hope the casino accept the bet.
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