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Newbie learning the MODES

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Hi guys, would you all be so kind as to take a look at this score card below and tell me what system and mode to use and why? What is the shoe telling me? I am new and just reading thru my manual and practicing. But it would be SO helpful to hear from all of you in the early stages of learning to read the OR count. Thank you. post-6876-14500262169885_thumb.jpg

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Thank you for your kind reply. I apologize, but I am not understanding your answer of " System 40 mode II stay OTR unitl you loose +2"? I thought you were only supposed to GO OTR when you loose 2 units, not to STAY OTR until you loose +2 units? I thought I was supposed to only go OTR for 1 play? In your answer it sounds like you are suggesting that I stay OTR until I loose 2 units? Can you help me understand your answer?

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