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My Local casino Facts

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My Local casinos facts

Here is an update of my 2 closest casinos rules in Buenos Aires

Casino Puerto Madero.

4 tables midi bacc

1 table full size Bacc

NO Toteboards

On the next floor the same layout, only difference is min bet size bet is double. And is a stinking smoking room. Ten minutes there and I get a headache.

ALL tables are 6 deck. So I downsize the game to 55 plays w/o counting ties.

That means I have to apply half decade rule after play 40.

Banks pays 1:1 except when you win with 6, then it pays 1:2

They use one suflle machine for all tables, Red and blue cards. At the table the dealer shuffles twice no wash. Some player do the cut and they left 6 cards after the cut card to end the shoe.

I can not be shure the cards go to the same table after shuffling, so I have no use to the table history.

I have seen pure chop with a run of ten several times. Neutral tables not very often, after one I was the only guy winning, the pit boss order the dealer not to change colors, so she washed for a couple of minutes (not a deep wash) and handshuflle twice, as usual. I was surprised that the next shoe was not ob4l, but chopy until mid shoe and then SS bank all the way to the end.

With this conditions I decided to follow each shoe as if it was the first one, not jumping in until a clear sign is strongly biased to deploy NOR.

Second Casino is 2 hours away and even more weird rules. Bank wins pays 10% commission.

And the player wich is handling the wandering shoe has to put some tax bet on bank not allowed to remove it for 2 plays.

Here was all 8 deck tables, mini bacc 7 seats each. At the end of the shoe, cards are hand shuffled once by the pit boss, and 3 times by the dealer.No wash.

Because af the high commission rate I decided not to playthere. No tote boards either.


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