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Heres Another 4D shoe to use as an Example

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Here's another shoe where as I bet OO/TT according to the count, as long as the count stays between +3 / -3 you can bet progressions all day long and hit you goal of +5 to +10 units , If the count goes beyond +3 then you bet OO , If the count goes beyond -3 then you bet TT , these numbers aren't etched in stone so you have to watch your count and pay attention to what the shoe is doing . ADD +1 FOR OO , SUBTRACT -1 FOR TT . YOU CAN DO IT ON O/T ALSO BUT IT SWINGS A LOT MORE THAN OO/TT . NOTICE I SAID THE COUNT AND NOT THE DISPARITY . I just like the count better for some reason and notice a lot of times I will go to the 4th or 5th progression without hesitation because it chops like that. If I'm dangling on the negative side of the score I will flat bet till I get back in the positive or I'm trying to lock up some profit.

I have more shoes if needed .


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Here's a tough shoe and just to get back I broke one major rule, I went on tilt and bet past my limit which is -8 sometimes -10 units , then at play # 25 or 26 I had a A-AHH MOMENT :confused:,

WHY DIDN'T I JUST PLAY MY OO/TT SYSTEM IN MODE 3 ? The trick is you go on the run with the opposite you

are betting so if I'm betting OO then after 3 losses I would go OTR with TT , once I lose the run bet I'm back to

betting according to the count ,If its still positive I continue OO , If it negative I go TT.

The reason I pick M3 is because with this chopping the way it does I want to give it a chance to get back on

track , As you can see once I hit the SWEET

SPOT I came up out that hole pretty good. I had a little luck with me that play :smile: I'm open for ideas !


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