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Direction of the OR Count

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To All:

A while back, Steve (and perhaps others) discussed the fact that the DIRECTION of the OR COUNT in the shoe is

much more important than the Actual OR Count. While this concept makes perfect sense,

I find it very hard to decide how far back in the shoe I should go to determine the aforementioned direction.

I.e. looking at the last FIVE decisions, may lead to the OR COUNT of +3 (four opposites and one repeat);

whereas, regressing to the last TEN decisions, would result in the OR COUNT of Zero (five opposites and five repeats,

regardless of the order in which they appear.)

Could someone suggest some guidelines or procedure they have used successfully to facilitate

this, what I consider, a very subjective process?

Thank you.


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  • Baccarat Hall of Fame Member

hi, a way to check the outcome direction is to make a graph of the desired outcome, such O/R, O/T, OO/TT instead of the mere count.

this way you can check how the disparity is going looking at the last events. consider that a running side has more clusters than singles...


... OR









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