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Go to Youtube and look up OTB4L or NOR OTB4L should find what your looking for .... look at it a few times while reading your NOR manual .... just take your time and it will fall into place ... things start to click and they say ....

And welcome to B.T.C............

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Billd21, this is a reply to your post "nor manual' over in the public part of the forum. I'm responding here just to make sure only NOR members have access. Here was your post:

Hi guys, i,m pretty new to all this, just recieved the manual a couple of weeks ago. it would really have helped if there were a couple, or more, score cards shown for each of the 3 systems. also it would have been nice to include a list of all the abreviations you all use and the definition of what they all mean. just saying being new it would really make it easier just starting out. if the info is on this forum, i haven,t found it yet, anybody know if this info is available on this forum? thanks, and good luck to all. billd21

My answer to you can be summed up in a post I made a year ago when I was a new member like yourself. I had questions, but I spent countless hours going back through the forum, reading and printing posts to create my own additional study guide to NOR. Everything you need is here in the forum, you just have to spend the time to find it.

Here was my post: http://www.beatthecasino.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7281&page=2&p=36749#post36749

It is post #537 in the thread. Read it and you'll understand. A lot has been written since then, and you should read it all, but this will get you started. Good Luck!


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