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Need Help From The Pro's

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My name is James from Los Angeles

I just joined the forum today and I have been spending time going through the threads

trying to absorb all that I can. I have read through the NOR manual a couple times however

I am stuck on how to score to know exactly what what system to play at any given time.

Also I was trying to obtain access to the more updated NOR+ but cant seem to find any

manual on that. If anyone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction so I can learn

the proper way and practice and practice at home until I am really good at it before I play for

real money. I will not waste any members time if you are willing to help me. I want to do things

right the first time. I found out that if you signed up for the NOR boot camp you can get credit

towards the NOR and Forum access which I had no idea. If you have any videos ect that would

be great. I did watch the few videos on youtube with Ellis explaining the OTB4L setup.

I would like to be able to score the right way and determine which system to execute correctly.

Thanks for all your time..

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Really?? I have to wonder if you really are reading through the threads. I mean the thread right before this one you started gave you everything you need to keep going with your NOR/NOR+ study. Check it out, I guarantee if you read everything it shows you will be up to date on NOR/NOR+.

Good Luck.


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Hi Gman72,

I did see your post however I have been trying to find out how to insert those numbers to bring up those pages.

From what I see there are threads and there are posts within threads. So at least for me its confusing on how

to bring those pages up. If you can shed some light on that I can get to reading all that.. Thanks a million

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