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MDB+ PvB Net Betting:

I'm thinking that with PvB net betting there is an absolute sure way to win. - At least a few units.

And it is in keeping with our overall MD philosophy: A few sure units is far better than many questionable units.

Here is the Mathematical fact I think we can exploit.

At various points in ANY shoe, regardless of the type of cards used:

Either P or B will be ahead by at least several points

No question! It is just one of those mathematical facts of life.

Well then: What is to stop us from net betting PvB U1D2 in the normal way EXCEPT we always place the high entry on whichever side is ahead. In fact, maybe we could bet U1D1!

Voila! Sooner or later, one side MUST get ahead by several points in ANY shoe. Ha, especially with regular cards.

Think about it: At that point we've already won the shoe by several units.

The only other possibility is a shoe that is a continuous ZZ run. But in that case normal PvB net betting wins every bet.

So, am I crazy this morning or what?

Guys, take a look at it!

We were looking for a safe way to bet every hand while also playing MDB+.

Is this not it?

The only rule we would need with it is we always play a ZZ run straight down normally.

That takes care of PvB repetitively tieing.

Other than that we simply always put the high entry on the side that's ahead.

Hmm, think about a long run. Either it started out on the winning side or it becomes the winning side.

Disparity becomes our friend.

Or is it because I'm still half asleep at 6:30A.

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So you mean that the culprit is a very tight disparity playing NB this way?

And if it is a tight disparity between PvB it often means that MBD+ fixes it?

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Ellis, can you please post a shoe with play by plays using PvB net betting/MDB+ that shows how it handles all the different scenarios such as ZZ runs, straight runs and TT's for us to see? Thanks.

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Keith Smith

Ellis I think as we spoke this morning on the phone you are simply betting what is ahead. I am not certain that the NET Betting aspect of it adds any advantage. The net bet just determines when to bet more. If betting what is ahead was totally viable then flat betting any metric that is ahead would always work, correct? The casino freely gives you this statistic. More thoughts on what/how the net bet option would add advantage if we always bet the side that is ahead?



You can tell the winners and honest players by how many times they admit they lost 
not by how many times they say they won.

Need Information Messenger



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