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I am a bac player, but was playing some BJ the other night because I couldn't find any open bac tables. Boy I forgot how much more fun BJ is to play. Of course it's about winning, not being fun... but there is a big difference mentally in the two games.

I played 3rd base using the 3 bet progression and made a lot of money - barley lost 3 bets in a row. Everything was just clicking. I played another shoe (which I thought was clumped) 1st base using 2hi advantage betting and didn't do well at all. I kept getting my first card 10's like clockwork on my high bets... but so was the dealer - then I would get a low second card. I quit with a small loss.

My question is would it be better in some circumstances to simply bet dealer strategy when the cards are clumped instead of 1st base NBJ?

I've done good sometimes playing 1st base, but it's hit or miss due to the level of clumping. I am having a hard time being consistent with it.

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If the cards are clumped to a point that you have to play dealer strategy, well you will last the longest at the table but it would be tough to beat. There are always other tables and other games or days to play when the clumpling isn't that severe. Look how easy the 3rd base game was, I know table selection is a pain, but losing is painful! I play dealer stategy only in sections of lows, but also safe in sections of high cards and basic when it is random. Once you get the flow of the game it will either be either a tough game or an easy game. I try to get out of tough games with a small win or small loss.

Just my style

"If you don't think too good, don't think too much!!"



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Guest CarlosM

To Ztomsk. Best way to know if you should jump in at first base is look at the current player playing first base and hope seat #1 is open, phantom play his cards. Also look at his first card the second card of the player to his left. Match those two cards and that would have been your two cards had you got in.

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