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  1. Hey Fellas, I see some familiar names here. I've been a part of this forum since 2011, but took a hiatus in 2015. Boy have things changed in two years! But it seems to be for the better. Excited to be coming back and seeing how far everything has gotten. Looks like I have some catching up to do! Now... to get access to the private forum. Does anyone know the difference between Strategic and Premium?
  2. Cool thanks for sharing - def a good way to play for a few units. Is this the same as OTBL mode 1 - stay on the run until it ends? Looks like the only thing that can go wrong it hittin a 313131...
  3. One liners are key. Replayed some losing shoes and ended up winning a couple units on most before I quit. This time I held off on making the 2bet on the shoes with low one liners. Just went by what happened last time. If it went to 4 ZZ last time, then I would make the 2bet. If not I just stayed out. Did the same thing for runs. If the last 3 went to 4 then I would make the 2bet. If not I stayed out. So on the bad shoes (OTB really) you pretty much flat bet 1 unit against 1s and 2s. Then let the chop and 3s dictate the rest. As long as the previous events would have won last time, I played as normal. The shoes u normally win, u win anyways. But the losing shoes have a chance to be turned into small wins even if it's 1 unit. Or a small loss. Big units seems to be the only way as commission will tear u up. Yes u will miss an occasional long run that if u were on would have made u win - but this is still gambling.
  4. I got this mainly to support BTC and to stay with the forum. My game isn't 100% where it needs to be or where I want it to be yet and you learn something from everything on here. Aside from the very beginning - the way I see it (unless I misconstrued the rules) - another simpler way to look at this would be to flat bet 1 unit against 1iar and 2iar. But bet 2 units on anything past 3 or more straight or ZZ runs. The system is cool and easy to do but I seem to be breaking even (short amount of testing I admit). I do see potential though. I don't really see any point in trying to change it drastically... because it can get really out of hand. I think when to bet high side vs low side might be the best to try to nail down. It's tough because you can be out of the shoe a winner or loser quickly. Maybe there will be some discoveries after the seminar.
  5. Thats great thanks Ellis - appreciate you giving those tips. Will def give it a try. So with the U1D2 - that's always up as you win then? And go down 2 on any loss? Quick question on the first method just so I understand fully. Is the 123 literally 123 or is that (2) 3 5? (Fist three bets) Say it's an S40 shoe... I bet 1,2 against all 1's and 2's and then OTR once I see a 3iar? Is that bet 3 units or 5 units? So in this S40 case the killer pattern is back to back 3iars correct. Also the table max is 3,000... what do you recommend a good buy in would be? I may not be able to beat Sherry, but I'll give it hell! Will report back with results.
  6. Cool thanks fellas - I'll give those a shot. Sounds interesting. I think the casino might be throwing those long runs because people keep betting against them. Would love to catch one and ride it for a decent score. Never tried it before because I'm a conservative player... but damn it's there to take advantage of.
  7. Just curious if anyone has had any success with positive progressions? Lately I've been seeing super streak or super chop at my casino. People are losing thousands betting against it. Is U1D1M2 best? Or would some kind of positive prog take better advantage for long runs? Maybe a Fibonacci.
  8. Nice to see I'm not the only one using this. My personal favorite way to play to date. People really ought to test it out where they play and see how they like it.
  9. Thanks man appreciate the comment. I'm still up 4k so the loss wasn't everything. I stick to my stop loss. I've been playing for a while but this is the first time trying this level up plan. Just not sure if I should play again at $100 or level back down and rebuild...
  10. So after winning countless shoes and well above the "required" next level up in the ladder, I decide to level up to $100 min. And. I lost. Terrible feeling after doing SO well for so long. Bad luck I guess. I think I may have waited too long to level up. Do you think it's better to level up quickly or to build up a few buy ins at a certain level? Anyone have any suggestions?
  11. http://www.beatthecasino.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8225 The O&T system Ellis developed might work out well for what you are seeing. My casino has the exact same shoe set up and I use the O&T often. Honestly one of the best and simplest systems I've ever used - highly recommend it. At least at my casino. Just watch out for high 2s and 1s!
  12. Thanks for taking the time to reply with thought out tips. Appreciate it. I already have NBJ - would you recommend using that basic strategy chart (variable strategy) for 3rd base. Admittedly I do not have that down pat yet. Should I focus on that first before moving on to other materials? Is there extra information in the WCB manual?
  13. There are a lot of BJ options to choose from on the site. I was just wondering what anyone thought would be the best to learn from? I'm looking for new cards head to head games 3rd base. Currently I do well simply playing head to head with the 3 bet prog using basic strategy. But I know I will need more to be a true player. What kind of tips/tricks are covered to aid the 3rd base play in the materials on the site? Also - is there a million dollar BJ in the works? I remember reading something about that before.
  14. Seems like a very solid way of playing to me. How's it been going?
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