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  1. BlackOrchid, DublinBet ("Baccarat (VIG)" table), and 5Dimes (first table) all offer the same VIG platform. If you find that BlackOrchid itself has shutdown the table, you could check either 5Dimes first table or Dublinbet's VIG table to confirm. And if someone on camera has walked up and said they are shutting down the table, it would be the VIG platform doing it and it will affect all online casinos.
  2. When I get some time tomorrow I will run this new variation off over 700+ real live casino shoes that I have recorded in last month from the MicroGaming live dealer platform (used by DublinBet, 32Red and a few other online casinos). For some clarification Ellis, could you provide what the stop loss and stop win is?
  3. When Dublinbet changed platforms a month or two back they introduced a couple of additional live dealer providers. They have their usual table from Fitz in Ireland, and added both ViG (should be the same feed that BlackOrchid uses) and MicroGaming (32Red and alike) game providers as well. Recently their MicroGaming provider added a few extra tables, which means that DublinBet offers 8 live dealer online baccarat tables. The Fitz table is playing by Super6 rules. The ViG table is the same as BlackOrchid. The 6 MicroGaming tables come in two flavors, turbo and normal. Normal tables give you 2
  4. Ellis, do you have any further updates for the system? Where are we going from here? Do you have a time frame or schedule on when the system will be ready? You mentioned in the public forum that a tester had a potential set of rules that seemed successful. Is that still showing promise?
  5. Hello and welcome Scaldedcat. Glad to see another Queenslander on the forums I believe the reason the thread was moved to the private forum was due to some of the internal workings of the system was posted in the thread by Ellis and was immediately moved. I do not think it was related to your posts. So do not worry.
  6. Without taking the stop win and loss factors into account, the lowest and highest scores at any point of the shoes were -31 and 28. And the lowest and highest scores at the end of the shoes were: -31 and 23.
  7. Ellis, I do understand what you saying. And yes, the sales thread states that it doesn't do well against 3s. It also states that the player decides nothing and that the system tells the player exactly what to do. In the tester version of the rules, there is nothing that tells the player when to stop betting because of Hi 3s. If the player has no hard rule for how to handle Hi 3s (i.e. stop betting and maybe switch to something more favorable) then the system is not mechanical. If the system gave 1.5+ units per shoe on average I would have been happy. 0.5 unit per shoe is extremely low and
  8. Keith, whether the shoes were played using NOR or not, they are still shoes that were dealt by multiple online live dealer casinos within the last month. And ultimately if I had the system last month, that would be the results. Playing purely mechanically as stated by Ellis in the sales pitch resulted in the above. I only deal with live dealer tables for online casinos and brick and mortar casinos. So this is not an issue. So my question is how much testing was done with real shoes that were dealt at either an online live dealer casino or a brick and mortar casino? Could any of the tes
  9. After examining the initial rules provided, I am seeking confirmation that the following shoes are played correctly. All shoes were played beyond the stop win / loss rules. Shorthand notation is provided for the entire shoe that was recorded. This is a small sample (8) of 103 recent real live shoes that I have recorded (and bet on using NOR) from three online casino platforms in the past month. None of the shoes were randomly generated. If I was to play the U2Hi system (with the stop win / loss rules) over the past month on those 103 shoes, I would have won 51 (49.5%) and lost 52 (51.5%) o
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