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NOR/MDB my feedback from a Newbie

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Hi Ellis, Keith, Steve

I recently purchased MDB (including NOR) and it is shaping up as the best money I have ever spent.

My first forays into the casino resulted in +55 units in 6 visits, the shoes easily favoured System 40.

I am now at Level 2 in my pursuit of the Million dollars.

Last weekend the shoes I encountered were different, many more 3's, 4's and worse rather than

1's and 2's as I had seen before.

I post this shoe hoping for some feedback as to how best to play it.


At the time I was not so sure so I just recorded the data and left, keeping my 55 units intact.

My feeling is TB4L would be the best but I am not sure

Hoping that one of you guys can help out


Paul (in New Zealand)

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