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Parx Tuesday Night With 2 Fellow BTC members

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Hi guys i'm back playing again after my summer Hiatus and started with $50 units McVince Quizzical1 and myself met at Burgur King to discuss our new strategy we have a modified MDB+ system we are working on but as fate would have it the tables were slow and the people were following McVinces play because they knew him and needless to say our plays went astray. Now i played the table S40M3 and did ok till the end vince voided his discipline and lost a few hands in a row and i actually went against him for one hand and won then stopped it was painful. So i was down 1 unit and we all split and went our separate ways i was determined to get to +10 clear tonight. i proceeded to play the system McVince and I are working to Modify and after 3 hours i was up 5 units to make a long story short after 6 hours of play at Parx the end of alot of shoes there are TB4L shoes and sure enough at play 69 i played TB4L at play 75 i had won my +10 units but the moral of the story is i adapted on the run an had the discipline to stick with the plan and even thoiugh it took me 6 hours i was +10!!!!

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