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Shuffle Question

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At my local casino they have 4 tables with a 6 deck game. They share one shuffle machine between all 4 tables. Each table has 2 color deck cards.When a shoe is finish the pitboss take the used cards to the machine and bring a a different color deck to the table. Before it is put on the shoe the dealer handshuffle twice always the same fashion, no wash. Then is offered to a player to cut and they put

the cards in the shoe with a final cut card 6 cards from the bottom. At the begining of the shoe they burn the first cards the usual way. The game is a touch game.

I asked how often they replace the cards for new ones and they told me maybe once a week.

If they also switch the decks between tables, I can't tell. No tote boards to show shoe in progress.

As for shoe history, they are not consistent even considering same color deck.

Should this layout be considered as used preshuffled cards?

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yes they are shuffle by a machine,could be shufflemaster with a m-2 or m-3,but let's not talk about the shufflemaster,that might be the problem,and you don't know if your getting back the same 6deck that was at the last game,wow,ask your dealer what kind of machine that is,and you can watch how dumb they get.it's good to watch the look on there face,then that way you can tell if there on your side or not.LOL

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it's no big deal i guess.they were changing the cards and they were counting the old cards in bunches of 13 x2 =26 pile x 2= 52 then into the tray,then again with another pile crossed the other way,then i notice him counting 14 and 15 yet the last pile had 13,so i watched the 2nd deck of cards same thing.never seen them do that before count old cards, that's what caught me to look further.new cards were checked 3 times with pitboss once and dealer twice,spread on the table and run there fingers threw them fast,3rd time ,2 decks at a time.so is it possible GEM could be adding cards from the factory and the dealer knew,that's why the last part of the old shoe had 13 cards in it knowing i might be watching,and do you think it would effect the game at all.just thought i would run this past you to see what you guys think.

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